Breaking Down Barriers in Competitive Gaming

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In a rapidly-growing industry, it may come as a surprise that there are numerous outstanding, yet basic issues to be resolved in the eSports world. From simple annoyances like slow money transfers, to more serious issues such as harassment, the elimination of these concerns would go a long way in creating an ideal environment for competitive gaming to thrive.

These issues often originate from two main sources:

  1. The community

  2. The platforms themselves.

It can be difficult to control the type of people who adopt a platform or game, as well as their behavior. Being a relatively social and interactive activity, the people with which you interact can be a huge factor in your gaming experience.

With a worrying frequency of abuse and harassment — especially towards female gamers — this is a substantial concern that not only threatens business and revenue, but also the safety of real people.

On the other hand, the platforms themselves also have their share of problems. Many eSports platforms are outdated, and some are simply not tailored sufficiently to the gaming world, providing a disappointing experience to their users.

One problem with the majority of platforms (new ones included) is their scattered, silo-ed nature. This confines users within the bounds of a single platform and its currency, and makes it difficult to transfer value between platforms.

Community Issues and Sexism in Gaming


As was touched on above, gaming is a very interactive activity, and much of the experience comes from the people with whom you play.

Communities can make or break a platform. Toxic behavior can drive away the very people you’d prefer to attract, so it’s important to facilitate the right environment for users from the beginning. One of the biggest groups that are often driven away from gaming is women — usually through the sheer sexism of some communities.

Despite making up well over 40% of gamers in the United States, the current eSports scene still has an astonishing under-representation of female gamers in competition and for sponsorships.

One major contributing factor is the unfortunate harassment and abuse of female gamers.

While some platforms are attempting to tackle this by providing female-only tournaments, we don’t believe that females (nor any demographic) should be brushed aside into their own category in order to improve their safety.

With the right incentives in place, it’s possible to promote a positive community where every user can feel safe and accepted — no matter who they are.

A heavily-incentivized platform like Asura World could facilitate such an environment.

Users on the platform are rewarded with credit or tokens, only if their content is found to be valuable to others. If malicious behavior becomes an issue, system rules can easily be implemented to disincentivize it through restrictions, token penalties, or bans.

Asura World tournaments have no restrictions on gender or any other demographic, allowing everyone to compete freely with each other in an all-inclusive environment.

Old and Silo-ed Platforms Need to Go

Another predominant issue in the gaming world is the isolation of each existing platform, and their often outdated nature.

Traditional platforms, although having the largest current market share, are being exposed for their inefficiencies, often centering on a couple of main areas: lack of tailoring to eSports, centralization, and the restrictions of fiat currency systems.

What needs to be improved?

· One-dimensional platforms: Almost every current eSports platform, decentralized or not, only caters to one or two aspects of a gamer’s needs, but nothing more. Having to transfer money between platforms is a nuisance, and remains problematic with tokenized systems due to incompatibility between platforms and their tokens. The most intuitive solution for this is to have an all-in-one platform, with a single currency that does it all.

· Lack of tailoring to gaming: Established betting platforms have a great market share, but a lack of depth and tailoring of betting options to the gaming world. More specific betting options are needed, with live-stream viewing options built in to the platform — a feature surprisingly non-existent on many betting services.

· Unregulated Centralization: Old, centralized systems are a hazard to the security of personal information, as well as user funds. With a single point of failure, hacks are much easier to carry out than with newer, blockchain based systems. Bad actors behind the platform can also be a worry; we’ve witnessed multiple horror stories of user information being leaked
, and funds being withheld from customers
using centralized platforms. NEO blockchain technology are more secure, effective to run, and remove the hazard of human error.

· Fiat currency for payments: As we all know, fiat currency transactions can be extremely cumbersome. Deposits and withdrawals can take days before appearing in your account, and legal restrictions can make betting difficult. Tokenized platforms are a great way forward.

Designing the Gamers’ Utopia


Before Asura World, we had not come acrossa platform that addressed all of the above issues, leaving a clear opportunity to improvethe competitive gaming experience for many.

Creating a suite of optionsin a single, blockchain-based platform, the Asura World solution encompasses:

· A platform tailored specifically to gaming: Focusing purely on gaming, the level of resonance with the gaming community is greatly enhanced. This includes more in-depth betting options that appeal more to gamers than traditional platforms do, as well as allowing the community tocontribute to these options.

· All-in-one platform: Asura World doesn’t cover just one corner of the competitive gaming world. It brings all your needs to your fingertips: Betting, live-streaming, tournament hosting, guides, and a forum are all included.

· NEO Blockchain Technology: Asura World runs on the NEO public blockchain. This allows for a more secure platform, which is also more automated and tamper-proof than traditional systems. Nobody can tamper with your funds or information, and you don’t have to worry about crooked middle-men getting between you and your winnings.

· One token to rule them all: The ASA Coin is the sole currency within the Asura World platform. This one token is used for everything from betting, to paying for tournament hosting, rewarding other users, and paying for access to guides and content. No more switching between platforms and currencies for your gaming needs -Asura World has it all under one roof!

· Positive environment: As mentioned earlier, users are incentivized to be on their best behavior, and are rewarded for providing positive value to other users on the platform.

Combining all key areas of eSports, we hope that people will recognize the utility and advantages of an all-in-one platform for all users to enjoy.

Keep an eye out for further details on the Asura World platform and the ICO, happening in Q2 2018.

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Asura project is quite interesting.

If anyone have any questions regarding this project then you can join AMA session on Monday April 23rd 9:00am CET on Asura official Reddit channel.

Stay tune.

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I think that no one solves these problems until now because the main share of the e-sports market is in the hands of several platforms. As soon as a good competitor appears, these problems will be solved by themselves. I hope you become this competitor.

eSports is a rapidly growing area in competitive sports and is gaining a bigger following year upon year. The addition of blockchain will accelerate this growth and reap great rewards for the sport as a whole and for Asuracoin. Heres to the future!

True. I am invested in Enjin and Abyss, and this will be my next big one. something that I wouldn't want to miss. What makes Asura different is that Asura is a complete self sustaining ecosystem. All other gaming platforms do not have this feature.

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Love the first ever serious esport gaming build on NEO. I strongly believe Asura would be a great success in the field. Been reading about Asura since March. ;)

I think that no one solves these problems until now because the main share of the e-sports market is in the hands of several platforms. As soon as a good competitor appears, these problems will be solved by themselves. I hope you become this competitor.

Nice to see your commitent to creating a welcoming environment for everyone and not giving in to segregation.

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Assura Coin is an interesting & innovative project, they will change the gaming industry, built on NEO Blockchain Technology. I need to walk through the Asura World MVP Alpha 2.0 hopefully it will be open soon.

gaming world is growing day by day with technology. As that Gaming competition platforms should be updated. By this project it will provide great features to that kind of competitions as well as to players. This will be excellent project

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During recent years live streaming & audiences of competitive & non-competitive eSports have grown significantly. Unlike traditional eSports betting that offer boring bets, AsuraCoin World creates their own custom bets that users can truly get immersed within.

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I am very excited about this project. "Designing the Gamers’ Utopia" I like the idea. E-sport is going well and its popularity increasing day by day. I am wondering that How will Asura develop it.

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Great Concept E-Sports is an area that people dont pay that much attention to despite the fact that the space has been growing rapidly over the last few years you can see that in increasing crowds and prize pools in DOTA, league of legends and so on. Really intresting to see how this platform will be integrated with blockchains. Definitely gonna buy into the ICO.

AsuraCoin has a great potential in the future with great team behind it. I hope the project will be success and profitable for community and investors as well. Good luck team.

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Well! This is an interesting article from Asura coin team. It clearly explains the Community Issues and Sexism in Gaming world with detailed Case studies and everyone should read it. Thanks and congratulations team!

Wow! This is really interesting article and project! Thank you!

The addition of blockchain will accelerate this growth and reap great rewards for the sport as a whole and for Asuracoin.

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I think that Asura Coin project this result absolutely deserves and it is an indication for the potential investors The project is very solid, really reliable and will achieve high results. I will participate in ICO, in the medium and long term it looks very promising!

Hoping for the best gaming experience on the Blockchain. NEO is a superb platfrom, and that bids well for this wonderful project. We have seen some in the past, but they haven't surpassed expectation. That is why the trust in this project is extraordinary

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Asura project ( the cryptocurrency, ASA and the ecosystem, Asura World ) would in my opinion revolutionize the eSports industry by incorporating community oriented features such as mentorships, guidance for novice gamers, education resources, community voted gaming rules and policies, etc. These are unique features that one cannot find in other traditional platforms. On top of all these we have the security and trust of the NEO blockchain! It cannot be better than this!!

can we play popular game like DOTA 2 in this platform ? i hear some rumors about it but not sure !

Like other project based on NEO this will be one of the best projects in 2018.It has good team with good plan. When consider blockchain NEO brings is always super and different.

What is Asura Coin? Why Asura Coin better like another eSports project?

Asura Coin is Full Self-Sustainable Ecosystem for eSports

Here the quick analysis of functions and advantages:

Full Self-Sustainable Ecosystem
Pro game guides
Unique Community Voted betting
Live Streaming
Community Voted Tournaments
Tokenized Community Incentives
Tournament Hosting
Betting platform
Market place
Many many more…

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