Latest Steem and SBD Price Update 4-09-2018

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Hey Steemians

Steem and SBD is the best coins in Crypto . Both coins use in Steemit and Everyone Know steemit is one of the best platform ever forever . So Buy more Steem and SBD .

Today Steem Price :

$1.04 USD (5.63%)

Total Steem Market :

38,827 BTC

Total Steem Market in last 24 Hours :

5,038.03 BTC

Today SBD Price :

$1.05 USD (2.45%)

Total SBD Market :

2,260 BTC

Total SBD Market in last 24 Hours :

85.06 BTC

Thank you Follow me for Daily Crypto news and Price Update .

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Thank you ! @askquestion

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Steem has fair market value of $3 atleast

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Welcome to

Steem is the most under valued coin in the criptocurrancy world i hope steem is going to moon very soon at least $5 is it ???

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Well this is nice move of SBD. Hope it'll go moon soon. It's really very potential coin. Current price is under value.

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Steem going to moon soon very soon

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I think Steem will remain forever as the best position in crypto !!!

Steem is improvinng ...

Im enjoying the dip, its good to power up!

Fantastic work with this one. Nice review and continue the nice work! Glad to peer you posting again. Thank you for the updates.

GO STEEM!!!! $5!!!!!

Very nice post.
Thanks for sharing this information.

i think steemit will create wonders of the world

all crypto coin price crash on market hold for long time and gain your profit