Latest Steem and SBD Price Update 2-09-2018

in bitcoin •  2 months ago

Hey Steemians

Steem and SBD is the best in Crypto . i hold a lot of Steem and SBD for future . and hope so both coins hit 5$ soon . today market is too much good for everyone :)

Happy @steemit

Today Steem Price :

$0.988550 USD (4.74%)

Total Steem Market :

38,827 BTC

Total Steem Market in last 24 Hours :

300.03 BTC

Today SBD Price :

$1.03 USD (3.42%)

Total SBD Market :

2,260 BTC

Total SBD Market in last 24 Hours :

38.06 BTC

Thank you Follow me for Daily Crypto news and Price Update .

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Thank you ! @askquestion

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Hope steem spike like doge!

Gracias por el aporte!

It is downing again, in the morning steem was 1$

Thank you very much for this information. I'll keep it in mind.

Your post can attract anyone as it is really organized and professional.

At the moment everything will follow BTC to an extent, we need to hope for BTC perform strongly and then alts (including Steem) will rally.

Trust the process.

Nice, beautiful and informative. Keep sharing, great work!