Latest Ethereum Price And News Update 9-09-2018

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Hello traders .

Ethereum News

Eth too much down in last couple of days . but i think after bitcoin eth is one of the best crypto coin forever . i have no eth in my wallet but i love this coin .

Happy Steemit .

Today Ethereum Price :

Today 9/09/2018 Sunday the Ethereum price -5.63% Down. From $248 to $208.

Total Bitcoin Market :

42,21,966 BTC

Total Ethereum Market in last 24 Hours :

195,138 BTC

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Thank you ! @askquestion

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Thank you all friends

Thanks for the post and letting us know the latest update in Crypto market.
Now a day’s Crypto market is not in good shape. Some correction is going on.
Keep the good work.
Please continue posting these important articles.


Thanks youre most welcome .

The Ethereum global supercomputer is losing its power, as miners have been gradually abandoning the network in the past few weeks. The Ethereum hashrate has gone down to the lowest level for the past three months, sliding to 257 TH/s. Since March 2018.


Thank you

ETH is one of the best coin ever after bitcoin... those who haven't invest in ETH I think this is the best opportunity to enter for big return:) thanks for your price update....

I just hope the price of coins increases further.


Hope for the best .

You are right crypto market not going good,Rate of coins very low,steem and bit coin rate going down day by day,hopefully coins rate going up soon as soon,thanks for your update,Valuable article,

Bhai what is the future of steemit? Kia bitcoin ki taran Yh agay grow kry gi k Nai Min hud new hn yahan aur na Hi Min yahan bot k through vote krna chahata hn, baz defa lagta yahan work boht hard lagta

awaiting upcoming news

This crypto blood bath is a good time to buy more cryptos :) In spite of this, we should consider and see that ETH blockchain is (for now) the wider base for new tokens (ERC20 based). If not ETH, one of these token could reveal the future of blockchain.

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Your pust is very good,
you have won my vote!
Keep it up so I'll be aware of your posts


Please, is it advisable to purchase 1eth at it's present price?

Thank you for this ETH update!

price of eth scaring me

Thanks for posting bro, another thing

Hi everyone have you read about this? another ETH based Singaporean Exchange is expanding its reach to Australia with a $3M deal. Do you think Kucoin in Australia is a good venture for the company?

Just in case you missed this very great news about this exchange. Kucoin Invests $3 Million in Bitcoin Australia for International Expansion. Here is the link, take time to read this

We have to consider that just 3 weeks ago Ethereum's co-founder explained that the growth of the coin was directly tied to the platform development going on behind the scenes. He then went on to state that during this current correction-cycle development of the platform had seen increases larger than a magnitude of two. (In other words, he thinks all this is going to "bubble" again for the 7th time, and still be exponentially larger).

Good post please follow me

even more heart breaking ETH now is on $170. is gonna get event lower than before.

thanks for the update of Ethereum price