Latest Bitcoin Price And News Update 12-09-2018

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Hi , Traders !!

How are you all ?? Hope so everyone doing well

Crypto have still bad days :( just prey for these days . all crypto market destory .

Bitcoin News

This Weekend was not for the crypto traders . Bitcoin Drop almost 18% down a day from $7400 to $6200 . May be bitcoin next stop $5k . or may be 12000 in the end of 2018 .

Today Bitcoin Price :

Today 12/09/2018 Wensday the bitcoin price 1.89% Down. From $6334 to $6299.

Total Bitcoin Market :

17,460,375 BTC

Total Bitcoin Market in last 24 Hours :

610,774 BTC

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Thank you ! @askquestion

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bitcoin will go to the moon in this year!!!
I think it will increase 100 times the value

May be :(

  ·  last year (edited)

Este post es un buen aporte de informacion, le doy mi voto!

Hoping bit coin $12000 at the end of 2018. Well, i think this is time to buy and stock some bit coin for the future. Also wait for $20000 next year.

Bit coin going down day by day,hopefully bitcoin going up soon,

the bear is getting slower. $20k BTC is getting distant now.

yeah bro, market is going full of manipulation but it will sure recover soon. hope for the best and thanks for the Market update.. appreciate it.....