Latest Bitcoin Price And News Update 10-09-2018

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Hi , Traders !!

How are you all ??

Crypto have still bad days :(

Bitcoin News

This Weekend was not for the crypto traders . Bitcoin Drop almost 14% down a day from $7400 to $6200 . May be bitcoin down again . I dnt know what next happen with crypto just we wait for the good time . everyone sad about this but we wait for pump again .

Today Bitcoin Price :

Today 10/09/2018 Monday the bitcoin price 1.89% Down. From $6456 to $6334.

Total Bitcoin Market :

17,260,375 BTC

Total Bitcoin Market in last 24 Hours :

579,774 BTC

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What is Bitcoin....? Dear friend


it is father of crypto money

Very sad news bit coin going down day by day,and steem also going gown,Everyone so worry about it,hopefully market going up soon,thanks for sharing

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We hope it can raise again!