Daily Cryptocurrency Report Bitcoin/Ethereum/Steem/Bitcoin Cash | 11/16/2017 !!

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Hello Steemains.

Daily Report and Price Analysis

Today I will Share you These 5 Crypto Currancies !!


bitcoin price goes down from 7900$ to 5900$ . Bitcoin Hit 13K Dollar in next Year So hold Bitcoin and enjoy new Year :)

Last 24 Hours Low : $7,160.77

Last 24 Hours High : $7,285.33

CHANGE :5.50%

Bitcoin Cash

Last 24 Hours Low : $1110.50

Last 24 Hours High: $1388.69

CHANGE :-10.40%


Last 24 Hours Low : $0.92

Last 24 Hours High: $0.99

CHANGE :-4.20%


Last 24 Hours Low : $328.98

Last 24 Hours High:$336.65

CHANGE :-1.19%

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bitcoin price going down.


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Thanks for sharing this info with us

Thank you so much


hellow I'm new in Steemit. i m going to follow you

thanks for sharing this

Bereh postingan kah gam kumeulake bah bagah matee keuh

Thanks for sharing that info with us


hellow I'm new in Steemit. i m going to follow you

I am interested to hear your opinions on why it Bitcoin will go to 13k next year. I am not saying it will not, just interested in your opinion.

Great info.
Thankx for sharing that info with us

Good post!!Thank you:)

Hey good info on the daily stats of coin. Can you elaborate more on support and resistance and few other technical indicators in your post so that it might help people in day trading. I can help you out in this. Have followed you loved your effort

thanks for sharing this info with us


hellow I'm new in Steemit. i m going to follow you

Thank you: for nice post:)




hellow I'm new in Steemit. i m going to follow you

Looks like bitcoin cash is going down for quite some time. It does to look like its price can go up since adoption is low.

Thanks For Your Good Info @askquestion

The future of cryptos is great. Prices may fall in the short term, but they are the new investment vehicle. Great post.

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Ups and downs are the part of game. BTC trading is also a big game to play. Nice to see a Pakistani person having 60 repo. Bhai m tou abh tk 54 p atka VA hn :D

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