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RE: Criminal Chinese Government Crashes The Cryptocurrency Market

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Awesome post!

As much as I like the strong position that a de-centralised currency system provides. Unfortunately it's not impenetrable. China banning Crypto's could start other countries following suit.

Its like the idea of banning torrenting files, the film companies have done a pretty good job of making it harder and harder to torrent by getting the ISP's on board to block the torrent sites. Lets hope governments don't start the same thing with the Crypto trading platforms.

That said, I'm not selling, I personally think this is just a good time to buy more!


I bought more today as well! I am worried a bit, but I think crypto will continue to grow.

If you consider that Bitcoin was 3300$USD ish one month ago and only 5billion has deflated from bitcoins market cap.
I would consider this round over and bitcoin has remained victorious.

China 0
Bitcoin 1

I'm buying in slowly but plan to put in a big stake over the next 24 hours.
Too the moon or BUST!

That's a great point! Best of luck on the big buy! How long have you own crypto? I bought my first portions of BTC, ETH, and LTC about a month ago. Right now I mainly use coinbase, but I know that isn't probably the best place to purchase and store large amounts of crypto.

I started mining etherium a month ago with 2 liquid cooled 1070.
Also mining Verium which is CPU only with a bunch of servers.
I use Bittrex for my exchange, I'm down over the past 48 hours 25% but still up overall the month of August.
I've bought a few more LTC and plan to buy more.
I use Exodus for my offline wallet.

Thank you for the info and the advice! I'll look into these things for sure. If I could only regularly buy one crypto currency, what would you suggest?

if your going to stick with a single coin for long term investment. Litecoin would probably be your best bet for now. But understand the risks of investing into a single coin, if it flops all your investments are gone.

Alternatively you could buy Etherium and buy tokens with Etherium, this way your much more diversified.

Thats my opinion anyways.
Good luck!

Great advice! Definitely want to have my hands in both. Thank you!