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RE: The War On Bitcoin Is Proof Crypto Is Winning

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The financial nature of gold is that gold itself is a value, - as a material for making jewelry.

Bitcoin and all the other so-called crypto-currencies have two components - technological and financial.

  • The technological part nature of bitcoin - it is a technological shell. That is, it is a wrapper (mask) in the form of blockchain and crypto technology, in which the financial nature Bitcoin is packed (hidden).
  • Financial nature bitcoin - it is a pyramid, - the Ponzi scheme.

Because the growth of the imaginary value of bitcoin, is due solely to the influx of new idiots into this financial pyramid.
The growth of the imaginary value of Bitcoin is not due to anything else.
The growth of the value of the asset solely due to the influx of new idiots into the Ponzi scheme is the main sign of all financial pyramids.

But as soon as you try to explain this to any member of the bitcoin witness sect, they will immediately start dragging the conversation into the plane of bitcoin technology.

They, like any sectarians blindly believe and therefore do not want to talk about the most important thing - about the financial nature of bitcoin.
They are ready to talk for hours about bitcoin technologies only - about blockchain and crypto technology only.
That is, they are ready to talk only about that high-tech wrapper, which wraps (hidden) the usual nature financial pyramid Bitcoin and all others usual financial pyramid, in the shape of all the others so-called crypto-currencies.

(Pseudo crypto + pseudo currency) = (usual financial pyramid), which is just hidden in the an unusual high tech mask packed.

Nevertheless, the very idea of ​​obtaining wealth without difficulty, at all times successfully enslave the consciousness of the mass of fools. And various ingenious swindlers, at all times, have successfully used this feature of the stupid masses of the people.


What do u mean by technological shell,I don't get it.

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