Uptrennd - Key To Freedom

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Here is your key to freedom and free speech. The platform called. Uptrennd.

The perfect social media for crypto content creators. Uptrennd - A New-Era Social Media Platform, created with the sole purpose of empowering the people. Uptrennd stands on four foundational pillars: Freedom of Speech, Data Security, Equality of Opportunity and Distribution of Wealth.

On Uptrennd, you will be rewarded every time your post or comment is upvoted, and you retain full control of your private information and data

Uptrennd is a movement to shift the wealth and power from the corporations, back to the people.

Uptrennd is a social media platform that shares a large amount of resemblance to Reddit and even Steemit. Uptrennd has been experiencing a major growth in users. recently. The platform boasts a core cryptocurrency incentive structure that rewards both content creators and users who engage content alike. It has a native ERC-20 token called ‘1-UP’ that is built around the core upvoting system, and serves as the platform’s digital currency.

Uptrennd has also implemented innovative gamification features with a leveling up system that allows users to earn increased rewards from their upvoted content submissions & comments as they level up their account with the native ‘1Up’ token.

The 1-UP token quite a few uses:

The tokens can be used by a user to level up their own account which unlocks a permanent increase for the reward received for each upvoted comment or post for each additional level up.

A user could use their tokens to boost one of their own posts for a specific number of views.

Advertisers can use the 1-UP tokens to purchase banner ad space on the Uptrennd platform. 80% of the revenue from ads actually goes back to the community.

Tokens can be donated to others as a tip or could be used as a bounty for completing specific engagement related tasks specified by the user.

A user could sell their 1Up tokens on an exchange to cash out.

Future use-case: A user will be able to use their 1UP tokens to access user-created exclusive communities that are subscription based (Similar to Patreon)

Send your 1-UP tokens to a crypto exchange and cash out to Bitcoin.

Highly recommend you come and try out uptrennd. It is really amazing platform.

How To Find Uptrennd

Name: Uptrennd

Website: www.uptrennd.com

Twitter: @Uptrennd Telegram:


Contact: https://www.uptrennd.com/contact


Amazing words.

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Uptrennd is a great platform and I really enjoy using it. It was a bit buggy at first, but they have upgraded the servers and the load time is much quicker now. Thanks for sharing.

Looks like Upptrend is really picking up due to all the drama lately.

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