SHARK LOTTO-The Most Transparent, Simplest And Honesty Lottery Decentralized Lottery Powered By The Ethereum Blockchain.

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Back with me Ardibimbim,this time I invite you to review the exciting project that will lead you to the next success.

Lottery is one type of gambling that has long existed in the world, even in the world. In various lottery countries this is not so good from other gambling games. America, which is the country of birth of gambling, also prohibits lottery gambling, even though there are some American states that continue to practice lottery gambling. On this occasion, we will provide tips and tricks for you to do many things.

The average lottery offers 1: 100 million opportunities for 1 lottery number that will come out. This makes the lottery a long opportunity that cannot be expected. So if you try to find opportunities, then you will be disappointed because the opportunities offered are very low. But if you feel you are strong for a number, don't hesitate to buy the lottery number.

Most of the players who managed to win a lot of opportunities to find because the number was translucent to win the lottery prize. We recommend that you might celebrate like that for normal limits. For you to know, if someone else knows you have just won the lottery, there are some people who will mean to you. Therefore, to be safe you must make sure first, whether you really will get money or not. If you are right, you must ask what you did to receive the money. We recommend using electronic banking or bank transfer. Besides being safer, your money will not run out in vain without planning that is ripe for whatever the money is.

The current lottery solution is a platform to make the Most Transparent, Simple and Honest Lottery, Decentralized Lottery, Supported by the Ethereum Blockchain, SHARK LOTTO

Shark Lotto will transform the conventional lottery for the better. With blockchain technology will radically change the antiquated ways of holding traditional lottery games.

Shark lotto is the perfect lotto for everyone who likes to win! This is the Crypto lottery you have been waiting for! with several major advantages in key moments. We believe that Shark Lotto will change the world once and forever.



~ Fully decentralized and transparent lottery managed by Ethereum smart contract.

~ The lottery is operated by a fully independent contract serving as a self-amending regulatory guarantor.

~ Full transparency and security thanks to the smart contract for elimination of any third-party lottery process and funds management.

~ All operations, including player bet, results, jackpot management, and sales fund distribution are recorded on the blockchain.

~ No prior deposit requirements and full anonymity with instant ticket purchase capabilities. Immediate, secure and anonymous payouts directly after each lottery drawing.

Shark Lotto announces the launch of token sales from the new transparent and decentralized international Ethereum blockchain technology lottery platform. That allows users to get the most transparent and honest winning opportunities.

Shark Lotto's main goal is to transform conventional lotteries for the better by integrating blockchain technology to radically change the ancient ways of holding traditional lottery games.

With this technology, victory is distributed by the blockchain network, strictly according to the rules of the game. The results of each match can be verified in the blockchain open registry and cannot be manipulated. This solution is 100% safe because it is based on blockchain technology so it offers many advantages over other platforms.

Shark Lotto is a 100% decentralized lottery platform where everything goes on smart ETH contracts.

The initial guaranteed prize pool is $ 1,000,000, with instant payments. Lottery Lotto Shark will also not charge any victory. This ensures that 80% of the ticket sales go to the jackpot, and the winnings are paid automatically after each draw.

Random number generator (RNG) is also based on blockchain technology which means that winning numbers or lottery tickets cannot be forged. Shark Lotto is a truly anonymous lottery, designed to meet the needs of players and winners who always want it to remain anonymous. Shark Lotto only accepts and pays in crypto currency, allowing players and winners to remain anonymous.


  • 70% investor
  • 15% team
  • Initial Investor 12%
  • 3% bounty


  • Token name: SHLT
  • Number of tokens to be issued: 10,000,000 SHLT
  • Total for sale: 70% of total token issues
  • ICO Token Price: The target initial token price will be $ 1
  • Cryptocurrency accepted: Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin,
  • Sales of Bitcoin Cash Tokens will be in three stages: Private-sales, Pre-Sales, Main Sales


  • Date: 01.09.2018 - 30.09.2019
  • Personal Selling Price: 1 $ = 1 SHLT + (including bonus)
  • Personal Sales Bonus up to 20% for Personal Pre-Sales prices


  • Pre-Sales Date: 01.10.2018 - 31.10.2018 Price
  • PRE-SALE: 1 $ = 1 SHLT + (bonus included)
  • The bonus on PRE-SALE is up to 10% with the price on the Main Sales


  • Date: 01.11.2018 - 30.11.2018
  • SALES Price: 1 $ = 1 SHLT (No bonus for MAIN SALES)

Program Affiliate Program

Our affiliates generate 5% of each of your investments.

Bounty Program

Reserved Tokens 3% backup tokens will be used for bounty programs.

To take a deeper look at our project, please take a look at our white book.

We are open to community feedback!

 For more information about Shark Lotto:

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