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Greetings Success For You All In The Community Steemit ...

Back with me Ardibimbim,this time I invite you to review QRAVITY the exciting project

that will lead you to the next success.

 The human being has a very essential characteristic in the daily life and in his development which the creativity and this one shows the expression of the human emotions to the highest scale. Today's humanity has multiple platforms to showcase its creative expressions. The professionals who are paid for their services have devised their own ways for their creative energy to flow, and are using digital tools to their advantage. The digital medium has brought a new world for creative people who can find their target. Below we will present an analysis of what we think is a great project, which is called Qravity and seeks to break through in that field and be one of the best platforms for content creators. 

About Qravity

Qravity is a platform that is global and decentralized, used to manage cumulative points and loyalty programs. After analyzing a lot of loyalty programs for different points, the developer did not find a good application. This leads to direct damage to the user, as well as to the fact that loyalty programs are not being successfully implemented and accountability to the company is increasing.

let's see how the project is valuable to such a system and how this project differs from the project's block platform, similar to the integration of scores. All Qravity users can exchange points or miles they received from the affiliate program to Qravity tokens or vice versa, exchange their tokens for points in the affiliate program. The user can use Qravity to purchase products in the affiliate program. Affiliate programs will get more opportunities provided by marketing, promotion and purchasing.

Proposed Solution

Qravity is ready with its solution for content production and distribution. The solution designed by the team is based on blockchain technology that offers remote teams to work together as a single team. Project management tools, digital content production tools, file sharing and messaging services are available to platform users. Project management on the platform is quite simple, as it is guided by the project manager with the QPT as a symbolic reward. The team working on the different project can decide on the future use and application of the projects being developed on the platform.

Intelligent contracts help in the smooth management of the different tasks on the platform. Movies, music and audio files are just a small part of the different types of content offered on the platform. Users can pay QCO tokens directly to creators on the platform to consume specific content. The projects on the platform are distributed into small tasks assigned to the different members of the group team. Content creators on the platform are rewarded for their skills and ingenuity.

How does it work?

Business owners divide their projects into tasks and assign a set amount of Qravity Project Tokens (QPT) to each task. These tokens represent bets on a project and are only used internally.

Immediately after a content creator completes a task, smart contracts automatically send the QPT assigned to that task to the creator's wallet. at the end of the project, each time a distributor or consumer buys or rents the resulting content, the project founder and content creators automatically receive a portion of the revenue in the Qravity, QCO kryptoney. The amount of QCO each project team member receives corresponds to their interests in the project, i.e., the amount of QPT they earned from their work.

QCO holders can use their tokens to buy content through the Qravity marketplace; they can also trade their QCO in exchanges.

About Token and ICO

Of the total number of tokens supplied, 50% of them will be distributed to people at the ICO. The pre-sale of tokens is currently live on the platform until June 15, 2018. The main sale of tokens will begin on June 16, 2018 and continue through December 31, 2018. 37% of the funds will be spent on marketing the projects on the platform, while 19% of the funds will be spent on marketing the platform. 

Token Information:

  • Token Symbol : QPT
  • Token Type : ERC20
  • Total Supply : 1 Billion
  • Token Price 1 Token = 0.0002 ETH 

Token Distribution:

Team Members

All the important information about QRAVITY  project can be found here:

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