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Back with me Ardibimbim,this time I invite you to review ICOVO the exciting project

that will lead you to the next success.

What is ICOVO?


In order to achieve our mission of soundly cultivating ICOs into "the very core of the ecosystem necessary for hatching innovative blockchain-related startups" that will create the future, ICOVO must become a next-generation global standard for ICO platforms that is truly valuable to both innovative blockchain-related startups and ICO investors.

At the same time, we will make the ICOVO framework the global standard by proposing a new, centralized-decentralized hybrid management framework to central governments around the world currently seeking to develop healthy ICO environments through centralized methods.

Our Mission

Mission: “No ICO, No Future”

ICOs are at the very core of the ecosystem necessary for hatching innovative, blockchain-related startups. This mechanism for the future must not be crushed, but rather carefully preserved Most whitepapers do not include financial information such as balance sheets. That is because ICO investors, unlike equities investors, are not interested in the latest returns. They read the vision outlined in the whitepaper, analyze the code uploaded on Github for integrity, and judge whether the project will have a big impact on society or not. Their evaluation criteria is not based on a growth model of perpetuating the status quo, but is more innovative, scrutinizing the revolutionizing capability of the service or technology.

As a result, funds gather in projects that provide services or technology with the concept of decentralization that will turn the very foundation of our existing society upside down, rather than where immediate returns are expected. The reason for these huge investments is because ICO investors are completely different from equity investors. They are dysphoric and doubtful about the current state of society, and have a sense of duty to create a plentiful future. Twenty or thirty-somethings that firmly understand the potential of technology to achieve this are pivotal. They held on to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other AltCoins before the initial price surge, and raked in large capital gains. These sums would be impossible to attain by a twenty or thirty-something conventionally working in the structure of the present society.

Cryptocurrency allows for impossibly vast amount of wealth to be moved, giving these investors the power to change society. As a result, the next generation of young investors with flexible thinking and deep understanding of technology have emerged. Their funds are invested in “innovative blockchain-related start-ups”. As such, ICO is not a run-of-the mill fundraising tool, but an essential piece in creating an ecosystem incubating innovative blockchain-related start-ups that will create the future. We must not prematurely crush this future-creating instrument on grounds of lack of investor protections, or need to perpetuate governments’ central authority ICOVO will incubate “innovative blockchain-related startups” by providing an ICO platform “ICOVO” that aims to solve problems that ICOs face.

Branding Strategy and Competitive Advantage

Branding strategy

There are currently no similar services with the ability to compete with ICOVO. In particular, there are no ICO platforms built around the idea of protecting investors. On the other hand, there are multiple ICO listing sites strongly supported by ICO investors.

As of February 2018, major listing sites contained 500 to 600 ICO projects (including completed ones), and ICO project founders have expressed the need to be listed on a platform with a strong brand. By requiring project founders to use DAICOVO, undergo KYC/AML themselves, and increase the transparency of the project, we aim to make ICO projects on ICOVO trustworthy and highquality, thus building the ICOVO brand as a highly trustworthy ICO platform.

ICOVO’s competitive advantages are its vision based on original ideology and the vast human capital of the three founders in terms of management capability, technological strength, and glocalization ability accumulated from their wide-ranging experiences.

Our mission is for ICOVO to become a global standard for ICO platforms for innovative blockchain-related startups and ICO investors.’ To realize this mission, our vision is to provide a solid ICO foundation, expand the ICO investor base, and improve project continuity after ICOs.

Anyone can duplicate our mission and vision on paper and may offer similar services, but because of the difference in ideas, technological strength, and know-how, no one can offer the same service as us. This is ICOVO's main competitive advantage.

ICOVO plans to host its own ICO by issuing its OVO tokens from July 2018.

Moreover,all those that register their email address to receive information about ICOs from May 11 will receive ICOVO’s token OVO for free through Airdrop.

Airdrop starts from May 2018

Crowd sale starts from July 2018



 All the important information about ICOVO project can be found here:

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