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When considering the main needs of life, what mainly comes to mind is money. As many would posit, money is the key to all doors. However, there are other core needs in human life. Aside food and clothing, shelter is of essence.

In the world today, shelter plays vital roles in the running of any establishment. From families to business outfits, there is need to have a physical means of identification. The real estate industry is the sole force backing such establishments.

At the moment, real estate is classified based on the purpose its serves. There is the residential real estate for housing purposes. The most vibrant after this is commercial real estate. Under this, lands and buildings are given out at specific rates per annum.

Estimated at $3,385 trillion USD, the CRE industry is touted to be vibrant than other real estate. Nonetheless, the system is fragmented with downsides. There are multiple documentations trailing the industry. Before a purchase can be made, information on previous occupants has to be obtained.

With dexterous process this takes, many investors might lose interest. Also, clients have hectic time finding choice properties. The industry could have been much better if information was made available. Sadly, many companies with expertise on CRE hardly release information that will be beneficial to others.


The solution to these problems was pegged at the corridors of decentralization. AgentMile is leading the disruption through its block chain. As its team posited, the project will meet pain points of traditional CRE industry. The block chain had been efficient in most centralized platforms and expectations are rife on its ability to do same here.

Backed by AI

Most times, investors find it hard arriving at positive decisions. For this reason, AgentMile is integrating AI to its platform. In the course of their search, the technology will help investors arrive at decisions. The CRE industry built on decentralized platform might be the much needed answer to current potholes. With AI, decision-making and property search won’t be dexterous as before. 


It is wrong to assume fraudulent acts restricted to the cyber space. In real estates, same gesture is replicated. This was why using the block chain was important. Interest of key stakeholders will be duly protected while information will be encrypted.

First Parents

Before its development, AgentMile had been birthed in different platforms. It was the latest upgrade of a team of real estate enthusiasts. In the year 2015, the team released a marketing approach. Known as AgentDrive, it was calculated attempt at bringing available real estate to public knowledge. Within its stead, the platform gathered awards and is currently embraced by thousands of professionals. 

The early months of 2018 saw the birthing of AgentGrow. It was designed to be a website builder. Companies were allowed to created landing pages for their services and market their services through AgentDrive.

Bridging the Divide

The goal of this project is to solve existing issues in the CRE industry. Through the platform, you can easily find available estates for rent. There is also interoperability of investors and users. Through the medium, investors and estate professionals can offer valuable service to clients.Most times, there are falsifications of a property’s upside. To this end, AgentMile created a platform that allows users render honest views of properties. The smart contract will control finances and transactions on the platform.Placing of estate in the public domain will be seamless. Through the multi-listing service, property owners can market their properties on the ecosystem. Through this channel, clients can have faster access to sift available properties and arrive at a decision. For security reason, identifies are verified before accepted into the platform. Hence, only real properties and users will be available. 

Token Sales Information

  • Token Name: AgentMile ESTATE Token
  • Token Ticker: ESTATE
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Token Supply: 100 million ESTATE
  • Soft Cap: $1 million (Already Reached)
  • Hard Cap: $20 million
  • Exchange Rate: 1 ESTATE= $0.20 USD
  • Accepted Currency: Ethereum

All the important information about AGENTMILE  project can be found here:

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