Poloniex raised transaction fee of Bitcoin to 0.0005 from 0.0001

in bitcoin •  last year  (edited)


Five times higher fee

Poloniex raised transaction fee of Bitcoin to 0.0005 btc. It is about $8.5 currently. Few days ago was five times lower (0.0001 btc).

But why?

I wrote an article about Bitcoin is growing really fast today yesterday and I guess that is the reason of fee increase. Big amount of transactions may cause technical problems and it is a great time for markets to raise more.



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Thanks for sharing , i do agree bitcoin is growing faster than anyone expected it would.


That is true, no one expected it.

That's actually pretty crazy, but people will keep using it because of pure laziness of switching to another exchange and the fact Poloniex is one of the larger exchanges out there.


Give my blog a look :) posting visualizations there.



I had to use Poloniex because I find it was cheap but now it is not. I hope they will change fee to smaller.