The factors tha has push Bitcoin to reach new all time high at 3830 USD

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Bitcoin has just reach all time new high price at 3830 USD , and also the market capitalization of crypto currency has passed from 12 bln to 13 bln, this facts show again that Bitcoin is not just a digital currency or a bulb in the financial world , bitcoin is like other fiat currency, bitcoin is more advanced and more powerfull

It is a decentralized crypto currency that no buddy own or can take control on , because there is a huge community of : developers, investors, economy sphere and entrepreneurs that are using bitcoin everyday including me .
The Bitcoin will be the future and it will remain like this, in this article we will speak about the 2 factors that has push Bitcoin to reach all new time high .

Today bitcoin has reach 3925 USD in poloniex :


The price has reach 3943 USD in Bittrex :

now there is a lot of factors that has push bitcoin to reach this facotrs, the two major factors are :

The fear from North korea and the posibility of a third world war :

Recent tension between the US and North Korea has played its part on the global market, rattling some of the major asset classes. However, not being pegged, or controlled by any centralized force, Bitcoin was totally unaffected by the news.

this event has push investors to invest more in crypto currency, especially Bitcoin o secure their funds and the value of their investments from the decline in the value of traditional market like : Gold and oil .

Bitcoin exchange Bitfinex has just announced that it is pulling out of the US retail market due to the challenging regulatory climate. US customers have approximately 90 days to discontinue all trading, added to that polonix an kraken are planing to make the same thing


All Usa Bitcoin investors will need to find new solution to invest in bitcoin, what they have do ?, they have buy a lot of Bitcoins to face this problems of , so the demand has increase on bitcoin in Usa

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