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Bitcoin just reached an average price of about $4,700 across various exchanges making this it's new all time high!


This is about 4% higher from it's previous all time high of $4,522 on August 18 and sets it at a 350% gain since January 1 when it was at approximately at $1k.

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 4.55.34 PM.png

Until which price do you think this bull market will continue?


Next stop is 5k!!!!

I see $10K price in 2018.

i completely agree

5K very very very SOON for the MOON!!! 🌙🚀

I can tell 7.5 B people know the BTC vs USD went up ... the real know-how comes from knowing why it is doing so. Fundamentals, economics, world health, poverty, rich getting richer, CIA buyout like there is no end, China mining endlessly, what will it be??