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The news is now filled every day with stories about Bitcoin, and how governments and giant banks are struggling against it, yet its value keeps rising meteorically, making unbelievable profits for small-time investors, while the old system crumbles trying to sustain itself against the new system.


All of this is psychological preparation for the coming global collapse of governments and financial institutions that once apparently controlled everything... It is the rise of the people, maturing enough to throw off Satan's shackles, and prepare for the "Government of God".

That is why today's headline about the leader of the anti-government, anti-establishment, counter culture revolution, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, declaring victory over the old regime, by using the currency of the new world, is so important to the psychology of those who are wisely rising up and racing forward into the brave new world! 😎


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Bishop Corey DeFrancesco

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Nice vision ! 👾


Thanks for reading, @jimy74!

Nice information, it will be very interesting to see how this transition will go.

But when can I upload myself to the internet? I'd like to become cryptorganic


Did you just make that word up?

Bitcoin here we come!


On the way!

It is now a proven reality and beneficial to those investing during this time before everyone has no other choice than to convert!


Absolutely, Cardinal!

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I still kick myself in the butt if I had the insight back then and invested just a tiny fraction of money into bitcoin when if first came out it would have been soooo worth it with the return rate now. Better late than never right?


Most of us do Mikey, I know. What can you do...

The one world currency of the New Kingdom... Awesome!


And it's right around the corner!