Bitcoin to reach $10,000, says CNBC. ARE YOU KIDDING ME????

in bitcoin •  last year

Correspondents at CNBC just reported in that the price of bitcoin could soon be rocking a price tag of $10,000. Can you believe this madness? WOW. How cheap was it was just a few years ago, and how far it's come!



I don't think I'd even come close to be the first one to say this... but it's about time to invest before this gets even crazier. The ways of the old world are COMING TO AN END, and Satan's system of enslavement is about to cease. NO MORE UNITED STATES DOLLARS, PEOPLE! The money is going back to the hands of the people.

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Just in days ... people are getting rich off of this investment!


You bet they are, and some are walking away with HUGE wads of cash.

If I had the insight back then that I do now... would have financial freedom.


It would be nice, but the past is the past you know?

We have been following the posts and certainly invested!! I am very glad we did!


You bet. The price is going through the roof.


Thanks for reading!

Thats an insane increase


And the price gap is only going to get bigger, and bigger, and bigger! The banking era is over.


You bet it is!!