RE: Our Bitcoins Will Be Taken/Frozen By the Miners; Involuntary INCOME Tax on Frozen Bitcoin!

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Our Bitcoins Will Be Taken/Frozen By the Miners; Involuntary INCOME Tax on Frozen Bitcoin!

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I can finally give you an upvote for conversing in a cordial tone while expressing your opinions. Thank you for taking the initiative to deescalate the tension.

Not to brag but I am significantly technologically expert on these matters. Not a domain specific expert on each individual sub-discipline within our field, but a generalist, expert programmer, and possessing a sufficient understanding of each of the said disciplines (e.g. cryptography, math, computer science, economics, game theory, etc). I just don’t have the time to explain to you in exhaustive detail why I think you are incorrect. Now that sucks because it’s not nice to make an accusation and not back it up with all the details. But my arguments are already in my other blogs and writings. Also you have not yet invoked any substantive technological or game/political-economic theoretic arguments in your comments.

Frankly I really don’t want to waste time arguing that with you right now, because it’s really not important that I convince you and writing another dozen pages is not a wise use of my very scarce time. Perhaps ditto from your perspective? I been at this for several years already. There’s not likely anything new under the sun on these issues that is going to significant move my understanding, yet I’m always open-minded to new, serious, substantive information.

Bitcoin (BTC), the modern version with SegWit, has survived all attacks till now and also will survive this plot.

I posit that the perpetrators of the plot (the powers-that-be behind their Faketoshi puppet Craig Wright) created both the legacy Bitcoin and also intentionally created the Core subterfuge of their original for the purposes laid out in this blog. That’s the typical Hegelian dialectic modus operandi of the global elite (i.e. the manufacture crises so their preferred solutions to their manufactured crises are waiting in the wings). It’s been one huge masterminded deception. Research who funded Blockstream. And who funded those who funded Blockstream. Trace it back and you end up at the usual banksters culprits such as CIA, In-Q-Tel, Goldman-Sachs etc. who also funded Facebook. It’s possible the banksters are trying to replace legacy Bitcoin and the creator of Bitcoin outsmarted them, yet I prefer the narrative speculation that the creator of Bitcoin is one in the same as funding for Core, i.e. Blockstream. Doesn’t matter though, in either case Core is on the corrupt side, which I can also corroborate from a substantive technological argument.

SegWit has not survived any hard fork yet. There’s no other attack that is comparable, so SegWit (aka Core) protocol has not survived anything relevant yet. Every protocol that forked-off from legacy Bitcoin ended up nearly worthless in comparison. And that’s not even factoring in the economic arguments I’ve made (which you ostensibly/presumably have not entirely read or fully understood) which force the miners to mine legacy after the hard fork begins.

Oh and did I mention that I like the Lightning Network a lot? It's awesome ;-)

For your edification, c.f. also, also, also and also.

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