John McAfee Vows To Eat His Dick On National TV If Bitcoin Doesn’t Surpass $500k By 2020

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John McAfee, the outspoken and at times controversial British-American computer programmer and founder of the antivirus software company which bears his name, has vowed to eat his penis on national television if Bitcoin value does not rise above $500k by 2020.

This means McAfee must pray for an increase of 22,636 percent in Bitcoin in the next three years in order to save his manhood, as there is a long way to go before the digital currency reaches the value McAfee has predicted.

In June, Bitcoin reached a high of $3,018. But recently, it dropped below $2,000 before rebounding to over $2,300 in the middle of July. Currently, Bitcoin price index stands at $2,384.

There is no doubt that Bitcoin is doing well. Fundstrat’s Tom Lee has dubbed the currency “the new gold,” claiming that a value of $55,000 is possible by 2022 in the most bullish scenario.

“Cryptocurrencies are cannibalizing demand for gold. Bitcoin is arguably becoming a scarcer store of value. Investors need to identify strategies to leverage this potential rise in cryptocurrencies,” Lee wrote in an investor note cited by Business Insider.

McAfee is also the Chief Executive of MGT Capital Investments Inc.; according to analysts, MGTI is positioning itself as North America’s largest Bitcoin miner and is expanding its operations into other cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin, Ether and XRP all grew by more than 10 percent in one day with Ether crossing the $200 mark for the first time since July 14. The all-time high for the market was $115 billion set back in the middle of June.

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Take it with a pinch of salt, but I will propose this.

If the USA develops hyper-inflation, the dollar would be worth less. Increasing bitcoins value vs the dollar. Not that its purchacing power is stronger. Bitcoin is still trying to find its true value as it is still new, and probably wont until the mining phase is over.

So if hyper inflation does hit, lets look at Venezuela as an example.

Until the mining phase is over? That would be too long. We need a solution much sooner.

The dollar won't even exist in 2020. No one will want it.

I agree with McAffe and I think it will be on jihans coin like McAffe thinks as well.

John has the math to back up why he's saying this, his math puts it between 1.5-2.5 mill so his 500k bets are very conservative.
exponential growth.

Who is going to buy a virtual coin worth $50k??? (not even talking about $500k)

you don't have to buy a whole coin? I guess you don't see btc or bcc becoming a mainstream world currency? because if they did their value would be very high, and people would just buy a % of one, like a lot of people are doing already.

Yeah, for the original bet, he explicitly tweets that he is referring to Jihan's coin, which I assume is bitcoin cash.

Sucking his own dick for a bitcoin

I take things McAfee says with a pinch of salt and a bottle of tequila :)

And don't forget lime to that!

Does McAfee plan to amputate his own dick before eating it?

I'm not sure McAfee has given much consideration to the actual bodily contortions involved in such a maneuver.

Probably yes.

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