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RE: Multisignatur Wallets or How to secure your coins

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That was a great post @hoffmann I think you have a talent in making tutorials you might be interested in joining it is one of the condenser of the steem blockchain. They reward efforts by contributors of open sources. Anyway thanks for sharing this will be sharing it in my other social media. Stay awesome my friend!


Whats the meaning of electrum based wallets? Pardon me I am such a newbie girl


electrum originally is a bitcoin wallet:
However, for many other cryptocurrencies, there are also electrum wallets which work the same way but are for the other currency. Examples are:

bitcoin cash

and many others

Thank you very much @hoffmann. Now I get it. It’s probably because I don’t use any wallets to store my crypto. Should give a try.

actually, its good to ask questions because if you had them there is a good chance others have them too ;)

Of course, but all the people around me seem like very pro. haha. So sometimes it makes me shy ;)

thanks for the tip, i already joined ;)

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