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Today I speak to Ofir Beigel. Ofir is from Israel and he is the founder of 99 Bitcoins.

The audio version is here.

Since he started  99 Bitcoins in 2013 it has grown immensely and today we are helping more than 1.4 million new Bitcoiners each month.

In his episode we discuss:

  • what's the story behind 99 Bitcoins
  • how the perception of Bitcoin has changed over time 
  • is Bitcoin (and crypto in general) for everyone?
  • why aren't things simple and user-friendly for mass adoption
  • Bitcoin obituaries
  • Credible and good-quality resources to go to 


Price is the result or bi-factor of the technology. 
If the technology is good and useful then the price will follow.
Greed is one of the best tools of adoption.
If you wanna see if you understand something try to explain it to someone else.
I believe that Bitcoin is the only mind-blowing cryptocurrency out there.

And last but not least

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