1/07/21 ANDY HOFFMAN (CryptoGoldCentral.com): FREE Rhombus Crypto-Dividend Launching January 8th With State-Of-The-Art Web Wallet

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With Bitcoin exploding, and quite literally, trillions of dollars of capital rushing into the cryptocurrency space, the timing for Rhombus’ FREE airdrop to BTC holders could not be better – as on January 8th, with an estimated (but not guaranteed) ETA of 6:00 pm EST, the project will be launched.

In two previous articles – on December 4th and 30th – I detailed what makes RHOM so unique, as well as the processes of claiming, staking, and subscribing to the simultaneously launching ICO.



In the second article, I noted that RHOM holders could utilize either the Bitcoin Core forked wallet, or the unique web wallet the developers were creating - which may or may not be available at the time of the initially scheduled January 1st launch.

As it turns out, the devs decided to wait until the state-of-the-art web wallet, which can be ran behind Tor, was completed – so, when RHOM launches Friday, it will be available for all holders to use.

Upon launch, all details of how to claim, stake (regular and cold), and subscribe to the ICO will be detailed at www.rhom.com. Moreover, as discussed in the prior articles, it is expected RHOM will be tradeable on the freebitcoins.com exchange shortly after project launch – perhaps, within 24 hours.

Given heightened attention to privacy in the digital space; at a time when unprecedented capital is arriving; it will be exciting to see how this FREE BTC crypto-dividend performs in 2021. A win/win for all, at a most exciting time in financial history!

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