How to earn more with Bitcoin... Buy and hodl!

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The title may be a bit deceiving because this isn't about how to earn more money with any programs.

With the huge growth that Bitcoin has had just in the past year alone a lot of people are starting to get into Bitcoin as a new investment in their portfolio, and with that a lot of people are looking for that next big boom like bitcoin. People are throwing their Bitcoin at a lot of different programs to grow their investment as well, and I can't blame them for wanting more bitcoin; however some or most of those programs known as an hyip (high yield investment programs) carry a huge risk of losing all of the bitcoin you invest.

I personally believe that bitcoin is not only a strong cryptocurrency but that it will also continue to grow throughout the future in value as well. So if it is going to continue to grow in value why would I risk that long term growth with an HYIP? I personally think with Bitcoin in particular, that the best method to grow your own holding and value of Bitcoin is to buy when you can and hold. If you hold your bitcoin in a safe location with your own private keys you will gain the growth of bitcoin overtime without as much risk. If you live in the U.S. your options for buying bitcoin from fiat is limited but there are sites and exchanges that you can use. Coinbase is the major foothold in this market and has been trusted for a while,
and Localbitcoins is an established marketplace like craigslist for bitcoin that allows person to person exchanging using different payment methods. (always meet in a public location and practice discretion with this method)

The point of this, cause I'm rambling, is to cost average into Bitcoin as much as possible by buying lower amounts over time versus all at once and to hold your bitcoin like an asset in your portfolio. If you hodl and the value increases to the expected valuations then you would be better off in the long run.

(Disclaimer: I do invest in Bitpetite which could be considered a hyip but only with ethereum not bitcoin, also I'm not a financial adviser so do your own research. I'm not responsible for your decisions or investments)


I dollar cost average into Bitcoin (and other cyprtos) by letting the BitClub Network mine them for me. USA residents have to use the Opera browser to join.

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