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AirBit Club and Bitcoin rewards

in bitcoin •  11 months ago

Bitcoin has become the most popular virtual currency which has a market cap of $239 billion and is getting a lot of attention in the last year. I want to talk about Bitcoin and share with you a way to invest your alt-coins with AirbitClub.


To start with, you will have different options to get your bitcoins. One of them is signing up with an exchange, and a popular one in Australia is BTC markets or locally around your area with LocalBitcoins with cash in hand, bank deposit or money transfer. Trading is a common way of making a profit with Bitcoin, as this currency is more volatile than fiat. You can explore IG Markets where you can enjoy secure, flexible bitcoin CFD trading. Additionally, you can trade other electronic currencies such as Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum ETH

Investing your bitcoins in AirbitClub. They will use your bitcoins to trade cryptocurrencies on international exchanges and distributes a profit back to its affiliates. This is an easier way to get cash rewards which are paid on daily basis e.g. $5 - $10 on average and depending on your membership plan. Also, you will get a 20% bonus when you invite others to affiliate.

To conclude, AirbitClub facilitates enthusiasts and experienced traders the option of profiting from electronic currencies in an intuitive manner. You should start getting your Bitcoins and immerse in this technological breakthrough and do not miss this boat. Now, click Here to join me to set up your Bitcoin account.


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Great to meet you the other night and I am sure you will enjoy your stay in Bali 🌴


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Thanks Marshel!

Hi Andresolerc,
I am a new steemitian, just like to ask if what country are you located.
Me I am in New Zealand and also a proud affiliate of airbit club, just started last January 2018.