#15 The Panic Seller

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Hey Everyone,

I was away for a few days due to some personal matters and I did not had time to blog. Well now I am back and WOW! A lot of staff happened while I was away. But I want to address one issue : Panic Sellers
First things first, why so much panic? Why so much selling?Have you not learned anything so far?

I participate in many facebook groups and telegram communities and the majority of people is selling on a loss because they afraid that will loose everything. Well guys if you are afraid of losing do not invest at all! What goes up eventually will come down and vise versa! Every time you sell someone else is buying, and when a Green day comes and your sell price is been exceeded you feel like an idiot for giving your money away for free! And when you do that all the time, be sure that you will run out of money, eventually get sick of the crypto world and miss out on a huge opportunity to fund your retirement!

Many people belive that they will become millionaires in a few days or weeks. They believe they will buy a coin  and the next day it will be 10,000% up and continue to grow every day like that! Well, guess again it shall never happen! It is not possible, it is not healthy, they have to be corrections. Take BTC for example, it made a great run to almost $3,000 and now is approaching $2,000. This is healthy, and when you look back at it in a year from now sitting in $4,000 - $5,000 you will feel like STUPID for selling! 

And it is not only BTC, that goes for all the coins in the market that are based on solid fundamentals and they have a good development team behind them. Crypto is a lot like life, it has ups a downs but at the end of the day life goes on so does Crypto. The market is a toddler at the moment, we are not in infant phase, we start walking around and many times we  shall fall but we shall rise again!

I can understand the hurt burn, the fear of loosing everything you have, because some people invested all they had in it (huge mistake, only play what you can afford to lose), but the only way to lose is if you sale! Crypto is not a day game, not a week game, its a years game, so keep tight and RELAX!

 Thank you for reading![

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It's always the same... people buy high and sell low... that's why most people lose money...

People need to learn, dont do any trades on a RED day, if any just buy

It really boggles the mind how the masses react.

True indeed! I believe that the reason is that they are young and they look at this as on day deal, they don't have the stomach for it

I believe this market drop is an opportunity to get in the market for those just starting. this is also an opportunity to learn something from this beginning phase of cryptocurrency. there are patterns to all trade market if you look closely, you will know where to move your money.

Only invest what you can truly afford to lose/replace