Daily Crypto Analysis 1/15/2018 - (BTC)

in bitcoin •  2 years ago 

The day's price action created a lower low which led me to readjust my technicals. I still have my target retracement of $10.3k which is a 61.8% fibonacci retracement, but with a possible 78.6% retracement to $8.6k if the market wants to further correct. There is currently a lot of uncertainty in the crypto market and the worst thing one can do is to make irrational decisions with little to no direction or plan. Even if you get your technical analysis wrong, at least it provides you with a potential price path - keep in mind that TA is not 100% but it helps you make more educated decisions.

As you always should do with technical analysis, you should always readjust your chart if the price does not follow your projected path. More updates to come.


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Thanks dear discuss about the cyptocurranec. Waiting your next post .

Thank you Bobby!! Gotta buy the dip!