beginner must know it

in #bitcoin6 years ago ( is the most well-known bitcoin's faucet. You can roll a number and get an amount of bitcoin depends on how large your number is. For a larger number, you'll receive higher amount of bitcoin. If you ask me how much you can get, I won't answer you, of course you can't expect to be rich in this website.

The second thing I want to talk you is that you can enjoy 4.08% interest compoundly everyday, if you have 0.0003 bitcoin in your account. Don't worry, I guess you'll achieve this within 2 months. Also, you can invite friends to join in too, a prize will be given to you. It's extremely easy to get 0.0003, believe in me.

If you are not interested in the above things, there's one thing that attracts you. You can read the Q&A section in the website, it's extraordinarily helpful for new beginners.

I hope it can help you, thanks.

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