Positive news for crypto market

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These are some news for market which make a bullish trend i think we can see 20000k btc in june end.

  1. 26th May BTC having a Strong News Called MicroBitcoin Hard-Fork

#MicroBitcoin:- Micro Bitcoin aims to encourage Micro-Payments for Bitcoin Holders by Providing a Secure and Sustainable Open Source Community and Ecosystem of Users, Developers, and Miners by means of a Hard-Fork of the Bitcoin Blockchain.

  1. Nasadaq Going to Launch Own Crypto Exchange Where People Can Exchange Fiat Currency into CryptoCurrencies

They Will Be Mostly Focusing on Adding #BTC, #LTC, #BCC, #ETH and 2 More Not Mentioned Yet (May Be XRP and ADA)

This is a Bull News For BTC as Well As ALTS Market, As Fresh Money Will Be Entering into Crypto Market

  1. #NYSE (NewYork Stock Exchange) Also Will be Developing a Trading Platform Where Investors Can Buy, Hold and Sell Bitcoins..!!

Do You Guys Know #NYSE's MarketCap ???

#NYSE Having A Market Cap of 20 Trillion USD
Just Think How much Fresh money Going to Come Into Crypto Market Once They Launch The BITCOIN Trading Platform........

  1. GoldmanSachs also Planning to Start a Trading Platform Where BITCOIN Can Be Traded Against Fiat Currency (USD)

GoldmanSachs is the Fifth-Largest Bank in the US by total assets Worth 916 Billion USD

You See All These Giant Platforms Going to Launch BTC Trading Platforms

There is not Much Time Left When BTC will SKYROCKET #20KSoon

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