My Simple Crytocurrency Starter Guide

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What is Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many, many other)?

Here is a simple info-graphic video from 2011(Then Bitcoin was just $1, if you invested a $100 you would be a millionaire today).

Vice News Documentary on Bitcoin & Mining

Blockchain 101 : (it's pretty simple)
a great overview of the underlying technology
Tim Ferris Pod-cast –

Where / How do you Buy Cryprocurrency?

Coin Base:
Others: Kraken, Craigslist, Local Bitcoin, etc

How do you Store Cryptocurrency?

  • Exchange where you bought it, but this is Risky! (If the exchange goes down, so do your cryotos)
  • In a Paper or Digital Wallet, but Understand the Basics: A Public Key is used for Deposits & Privet Key is used for Withdrawals, DO NOT SHARE YOUR PRIVATE KEY!
  • Bitcoin Paper Wallet:
  • Ethereum & ERC20 Token Digital Wallet:
  • Ideally store both on a Hardware Wallet, I use the Leger Nano S

How do I know When it is a Good Time to Buy or Sell Cryptocurrency?

  • Follow “Experts” on YouTube, here is my current list (no particular order, just find someone who resonates with you:
    Cliff High :

Ameer Rosic:

David Hay:
IVAN on Tech:
Crypto Blood:
BTC Sessions:

  • Follow Cryptocurrency News

  • CoinDesk:

  • How do I Spend Cryptocurrency?

    How do I Trade Currency?

    Open a trading account:

    Have a Plan

    • When to Buy, only you can decide
    • When & How to Sell, Ideally have multiple exchanges, when volume picks up some exchanges can go offline, and that another reason to use a harware wallet, such as the Leger Nano S

    thank you for sharing valuable information.