Now You can run Bitcoin and Armory on Docker

in #bitcoin7 years ago

I'm a former Armory developer. I started playing with Docker this week. Here's what I came up with:

This is an image that you can run which sets up bitcoind and armory up for you in a graphical linux environment in a Docker container. This graphical environment is accessible via VNC. If you have bitcoins that you want to secure and care deeply about privacy, the only way to get that is by having a full node. Except it's annoying to have to download bitcoin, verify the binary, install, download armory, verify the binary and install. Of course, if you're missing some linux package, you have to install that too.

This image makes things simple. The Dockerfile lays out exactly what it does and you can build it yourself if you want to. Then you can run the docker image and connect via VNC and you've got everything set up for you.

If you're a fan, please comment with other docker images that you'd like to see.

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