Bitcoin Dips As Christmas Presents Shopping at ATH

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      So I guess many of you have seen the latest Bitcoin dip ,as many of my friends who have invested lately, or seemed interested in BTC, have been askin me what is going on , if there is any hidden news or something.

      To all of them and to all of you I have to reply it is only people taking in some profits after such a great run, and buying themself and their loved ones some presents from profits. It's not unusual to see this as the New Year is also coming closer, it is likely to see a new dip next week, and after 1st of January, things will start to come back to normal and trading will begin to see more momentum.

      In the world of investment it is very important to see and feel what is the market sentiment, what do the masses think and how they react to different events in day to day life. Christmas is no exception as we've also seen other events in the world like Chinese New Year  holiday, presidential elections, Brexit, they can all affect they way people think and invest.

      With all that in mind I hope you all have a Merry Christmas with your families and do not despair, all these things are normal.


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