UASF-BIP148 Slowly Gaining Support

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The UASF-BIP148 is slowly gaining support and has now overtaken the emergent consensus of Bitcoin Unlimited. With less than 2 months to go, it will be interesting to see just how much traction BIP148 can continue to amass.


Currently, it is estimated that the bitcoin user activated soft fork has 23% company support with only 5% that explicitly oppose it. Compare that to the emergent consensus (Bitcoin Unlimited) which appears to have completely stalled with 29% of companies opposing it. It isn’t looking too good for Bitcoin Unlimited.


Recently, Thomas Hunt interviewed bitcoin core developer Eric Lombrozo to discuss SegWit and the upcoming UASF. It is a lengthy interview but highly informative. Eric details how when bitcoin core were developing SegWit they truly believed it would be a slam dunk in the community as it solved several issues that people were looking for in bitcoin. Unfortunately, core developers were not aware of ASIC-boost while developming SegWit, and had they known of the secret of ASIC-boost they could have done things differently.

Eric also details how SegWit is much more than just raising the block size limit as it would allow bitcoin to scale easier in the future and provide side-chain enhancements like Lightning Network. I cannot do the interview justice, so please watch the interview and give Thomas a bitcoin tip for doing such a good job interviewing Lombrozo.

It is no secret that I support UASF-BIP148. I’ll admit I wish it didn’t have to come to this, but when development and advancement is hindered by a mining cartel, action must be taken by all of us that have come to love bitcoin and care more about its future than just being able to buy coffee with it. I’m hopeful that bitcoin will succeed and all users in the crypto space should as well. If bitcoin runs into problems it will most likely affect everyone, as bitcoin is the gateway to many alt-coins and ICOs that are prevalent everywhere. Take a quick glance at these charts and ask yourself which code you would like to place your money in?



For those that understand what this debate is about and have a good sense of humour, have look at this video uploaded by Tone Vays to his YouTube channel several weeks back.

WARNING!! Some viewers may find the language used in this video offensive.


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