“Bitcoin will rise in price to $ 400,000.” Cryptocurrencies will help miners

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Heisenberg Capital founder Max Kaiser believes that investing in the first cryptocurrency is no less profitable than when it cost $ 100. BKCM CEO Brian Kelly and analyst Yuval Gov explained why the coin will go up in price now and in the future.

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Bitcoin will rise in price to $ 400,000, said Heisenberg Capital founder Max Kaiser in an interview with InfoWars HQ. According to him, at the current rate, the main digital asset is as attractive an investment as when it cost $ 100.

"For the first time in eight years, I raised my forecast for Bitcoin prices to $ 400 thousand. This is my new official goal ... the good news is that Bitcoin for $ 10,000 or $ 9,300 is as attractive as it once was for $ 100," Kaiser said.

Reasons for the rise in price Bitcoin was named by BKCM investment company CEO Brian Kelly. In an interview with CNBC, he said that the price of cryptocurrency will continue to grow due to halving, as well as because of the reluctance of miners to sell the asset at the current rate and their belief in its further growth.

In the long run, the Bitcoin exchange rate will increase due to mass adoption, Kelly is sure. He noted that there is an influx of institutional investors in the cryptocurrency market. This suggests that cryptocurrency is increasingly perceived as a protective asset or as a digital analogue of gold, explained the head of BKCM.

He added that another favorable indicator is the increase in the number of new addresses and active users in the Bitcoin network. This is due to an improvement in the fundamental characteristics of cryptocurrency, Kelly suggested.

A short-term Bitcoin price forecast was voiced by Cryptopotato analyst Yuval Gov. In his opinion, a rise in price of a coin is possible if its price fixes above the psychological level of $ 10,000. In this case, the next resistance will be a zone of $ 10,400- $ 10,500, the expert emphasized.

He added that at the moment, Bitcoin is trading above the support level of $ 9600. If it fails, the price of the coin is likely to drop to $ 9,400, then to $ 9,170 and to $ 9,000, Gov predicted.

The expert said that now the buyer still dominates the cryptocurrency market, this is indicated by the value of the RSI indicator at 60. But if it continues to grow, the asset will go into the overbought zone, which will become a prerequisite for a decrease in its rate, the analyst explained.

At the moment, Bitcoin is trading at around $ 9,620, in 24 hours it has fallen in price by 3.2%. The daily coin trading volume grew by 2.1% and reached $ 45 billion.

On February 14, the rise in Bitcoin to $ 20,000 was predicted by the head of Galaxy Digital, Mike Novograts. He believes that thanks to the cryptocurrency halving, it will be able to update the historical maximum value in 2-3 months.

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For me, the chances are slim but its all good if it does.

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I think at least 30 к to dollars
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Quite a huge prediction. Sounds scary. Already we see Bitcoin dancing around $10k, how would the miracle happen? Is it still the halving effect?

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Easy friend! When I bought Bitcoin for $ 250, I also did not think that it would cost $ 17,000. We have such a saying. I would know the ransom would live in Sochi !!! So, if I only knew that my money would grow 50 times, I would not spend it at gunpoint but save it !!! But alas, to save what I had failed to be safe and sound))
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Hmm, a scary put painful story you shared there. $250 to $17000 is terrible. Let's see the history replay. I'll be glad about it especially when I'm sure the alt coins will grow with it.

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I myself am from Russia and our dialogue is not entirely clear to us))) but I'm glad that you are writing!