Revenue Coin - The world's first tokenized revenue based Ecosystem

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Revenue Coin is a token that provides unique opportunities for connecting network users and companies, providing creative and creative entrepreneurs with access to financial resources in a community of millions of users. And in return, the companies will share the income with the owners of the Revenue Coin, who will receive dividends from the income of the companies.

Revenue Coin will give people the opportunity to access those projects that were previously available only to funds and the bank, implementing the project through blockchain technology, users will receive innovative and revolutionary opportunities.

Such a mechanism will provide quick and affordable investment in new technologies, a simple and convenient mechanism for concluding agreements with entrepreneurs who will share income will be provided. RevCoin will provide profitable opportunities, financial freedom, community, individualism. Such opportunities will be available to everyone around the world.

Revenue Coin business model

The business model is based on a smart contract, the owners of the RevCoin token are entitled to the income of the companies, the calculation occurs through the purchase and burning of tokens, which affects the price of RevCoin.

Due to the fact that the number of tokens will be reduced, the price of RevCoin will grow, which ensures the attractiveness of investments. Every month, 10% of the companies' income will be directed to the redemption of RevCoin tokens.

Ecosystem Revenue Coin


Benefits of the revenue project

An investment in a dynamic and rapidly growing market, in which many millions of people are investing who are looking for opportunities.

RevCoin's value growth mechanism


RevCoin Tokeconomics

RevCoin is a revenue token, everyone who buys it gets the right to part of the income of companies, this happens due to the repurchase and burning of tokens on an ongoing basis, which ensures the growth of the price of the token.

Increase in RevCoin's value


Opportunities for using RevCoin

Revenue Coin as an investment mechanism will still have many functions, such as the purchase of goods and services, the exchange for other cryptocurrencies, the purchase of products and services within the Revenue Coin ecosystem.

Using RevCoin tokens, you can pay through payment systems in stores through plugins and API and POS interfaces.

RevCoin features:

  • Exchangeability
  • Wrapped token
  • Payment function
  • Marketplace
  • Voting rights

Distribution of sold tokens


Distribution of tokens held by revenue capital






Website Whitepaper Twitter Telegram
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