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Cplay Network is being created as an integral crypto ecosystem that includes all possible cryptocurrency projects and platforms to bring together crypto users, entrepreneurs and enterprises in one place. This will allow you to connect cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets, gambling, gambling, advertisers and more, for more efficient interaction.

CPLAY Network builds on 6 of its products:

  • Crypto App Store
  • Non-custodial wallet
  • Adstation
  • Marketplace
  • 2FA Authentication Software
  • Governance CPLAY token

By creating such an ecosystem, #CPLAY provides freedom and privacy when cryptocurrency projects place their applications in the world's first global cryptocurrency-based app store. It will also be available to place advertising projects to generate income.


The app store will host authentic mobile Apps, which will give users confidence in their use and the safety of their cryptocurrency assets when they are stored and moved in the CPLAY wallet.

So far, no crypto app store has been created to help solve the problems faced by cryptocurrency users, advertisers, investors, and service providers. #CplayNetwork is addressing this issue and is actively developing its main product #CryptoPlayStore, which will make it much easier for users to find applications, and for creators to host and download them by a huge number of people.

CPLAY APP Store.png

CPLAY Wallet

CPLAY wallet has a very high level of security, privacy and non custodial, which gives users full control over their cryptocurrency assets. It will support a variety of blockchains and cryptocurrencies that users can convert, swap, staking, including #Bitcoin.
CPLAY wallet will be available in desktop and mobile versions.



Advertising is a strong business promotion and in the world of cryptocurrencies is no exception, so CPLAY develops Adstation. Adstation will provide online advertising focused on cryptocurrencies and blockchain, which will greatly help crypto projects to distribute their advertising. Since CPLAY will attract a huge audience of cryptocurrency users, ads on Adstation will have genuine traffic from interested people.


CPLAY 2fa shield

This is a 2FA software developed by #CPLAY that will provide an extremely high level of protection for the user account from any attacks. Backup keys will be available and, if necessary, if necessary, you can use them to restore the account.

CPLAY 2fa shield.png


The CPLAY token will serve as the governance token for the entire CPLAY ecosystem, the products included in the ecosystem will also accept payment in CPLAY tokens. CPLAY token is created on the BSC blockchain, which allows you to have fast and cheap transactions.


Token name: CPLAY Network
Token tiket: CPLAY
Token Chain: #BinanceSmartChain
Token Supply: 500 000 000
Contract Address: 0x740E08E52542Df19D7f2f9cBF3924ac0Bfe53071
Decimal: 8


Token Distribution


Fund Distribution


CPLAY Token Sale

Stages of selling tokens on #IDO & IEO:


CPLAY Presale

CPLAY Presale will start from 10th February

Join Whitelist: https://gleam.io/53gd2/cplay-presale-whitelist-event
Direct hit Whitelist Slots: 1000
Launchpad: PinkSale
Hardcap: 500 BNB
Contribution: Max 3 BNB - Min 3 BNB
Listed on CMC: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/cplay-network/
Presale Link:


Also in the CPLAY Network there will be passive income opportunities for all participants:

  • CPLAY Network Affiliate
    This is an opportunity to get rewarded from AdStation income, if the user referred someone to advertise on AdStation, in which case he will receive 50% of the advertising revenue. This will allow everyone to attract advertisers to CPLAY and receive passive income.

  • Project Contribution
    CPLAY allocates 10% of the total supply to members who will staking on the CPLAY platform and receive 40% APY.



In conclusion, we can say that the #CplayNetwork has a huge potential for development, as it covers the entire cryptocurrency world that needs a similar platform, the like of which has not been done before. With the successful development of all components of the CPLAY Network ecosystem, interest among ordinary crypto users and project developers will actively grow, which will significantly expand.

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