[DGBBTC] DigiByte Always Profitable [150% Profits Potential]

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DigiByte ( DGB ) has always been good to us. Last run gave us great profits, just as it did last year and many times for me before I started trading with you guys. So DigiByte has been giving me money for a while and made rich one of my close friends. I remember the classic LONG hold experience he had, waiting for months, wanting to sell when the price was close to the bottom -just like it happens to most beginners- and me telling him not to sell. Once the wait was over, DigiByte went up strong, the profits were huge and we confirmed once more that PATIENCE IS THE KEY. He got his huge paycheck for being patient... Congratulations to him.

DigiByte all time high was set back in May 2017 at 0.00002695 BTC per DGB . Here I will show you a long term chart that goes all the way back to 2015.

  • Here you can see a trend line that I draw in green. Clear long term uptrend.
  • You can see the different waves, the bull run, all time high, our next target and more on this chart... This is just for your own learning and entertainment of course. So please take a few minutes to look at it... The more you spend time looking at these charts the easier it gets for you to read them and be able to understand them.
  • Let's move on... we need to take a closer look.

Charts, signals and indicators

For our new DigiByte trade, we will not go by the all time high, instead we will go for 1111 as our target. If a strong bull run comes, then I will post new targets if necessary. In the meantime, we will go for 150% profits potential . You can go for 10%, 20%, 30%, 50% or as much as you want, you can sell whenever you are happy with your profits.

Let's take a look at the daily chart (the one you saw above is the weekly):

  • We are now trading above EMA500 and EMA200, these are very strong resistance levels that DGB just broke. Volume needs to build up and it is building up just now as I write this.
  • DigiByte is also a great altcoin for long term holders. So feel free to buy up as much as you want and hold long.
  • I am being conservative lately when it comes to targets, but when the next bull run comes for the altcoins within the cryptocurrency markets, we will be challenging all of the all time highs from this and last year, this will be a very interesting period to watch, participate and profit from...
  • You can clearly see the RSI and MACD curving up strong. The MACD is about to enter the bullish zone and moving up with good momentum.
  • There is plenty of room left available for growth for altcoin.

Trade instructions for Alan Masters Trades supporters

Buy in: 0.00000440 - 470

DigiByte ( DGBBTC ) targets for Alan Masters supporters

(1) 0.00000550
(2) 0.00000615

Stop loss: Close weekly below 0.00000400 closes this trade.

Capital allocation: Up to 10%.


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