BitCion short run opportunity . Wat do you think?

in bitcoin •  last year

I see a small window of opportunity on BitCoin for the short run, what you Steemians think about it?

In this trade that I opened on the 2nd of July I have a target Price of 2,900 BTC. Entered at the price of 2,500 with a Stop Loss of 6%, 2,350. I put this stop because is where the price could touch the low end of the Bollinger band. With a target price of 2,900. This is kind a risk and speculative move and if it does not brake the upper line of the triangle I will take my profits, but if it breaks it, I really think it could go up until 2,900.

But I will be very careful and I putted a little money buying BTC, if the coin breaks the 2,400 support is very probable that we see a down trend.

If someone was wandering why I put my Stop Loss on 2,350 and not in 2,400 is to a leave a little space for a confirmation of the support line.

Captura de pantalla 2017-07-04 a la(s) 14.56.05.jpg

Please comet your thoughts, that will help me a lot and I will really appreciate it. Do not forget to follow and UpVote. Thanks to all


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