Gresham's Law! - The Death of the Hidden Hand

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The invention of the global communication network (internet) was cancer to the elite rulers (the banking cabal). It was the day the globalists lost the war, they were just unaware of how terminal their condition was. Cryptocurrency is metastasizing their disease, Bitcoin is the expedited death of the hidden hand. Their power lies in their control of our money, as cryptocurrency takes off it strips their influence away with it.

As the information about our debt based fiat system proliferates, accelerating ever faster due to the internet, people will start to turn their "lesser money"(fiat) into "better money"(crypto). The Debt based monetary system has already died, people just need to realize it. Spread the word, invest in the future of money while you can still afford it.


Long Live Bitcoin!


I think the intended purpose of the internet was for more control of the world-wide populous. I think the un-anticipated result of the creation of the internet, was the world-wide awakening and spreading of truth and dissenting information, that was previously never available to the populous at large. Their intended evil creation has become their demise. In my opinion. I think that Crypto-currency has the potential to free the people, but it also has the potential to enslave us.

couldn't agree more, they're both double-edged swords, but they have the money, the power, the media machines and the determination to enact their dreams of a one world government. doesn't mean we can't educate ourselves and others, and prepare to avoid it as much as possible, but it does mean that eventually you won't be on the internet or using 'legal' crypto or currency, aside from the odd dip in neo-style when ab solutely necessary.

the best tactic is to live off-grid in self-sufficient small communities. the new world order won't last forever anyway. peace.

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