How did Bitcoin crash from $5.000 to $4.000 in less than 72hours ? (Question)

in bitcoin •  last year

We had a BTC pump to almost $5k (4935) and in less than 72 hours we were down to only 4k, why? Can somebody with enough knowledge explain this to me and everyone else

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psychological price targets
some people decide to cash out when ... etc etc
others get scared when ...
the opposite is also true as a reason to buy in.
When You do this routine long enough you see the same pattern over and over and over, actually I am not surprised from a drop of 1000 in 24h if You look back at the charts you see the same in proportion to the amount ~200 ~400 ~800 so the step 1000 is not strange, next maybe 1200 ?


Interesting, maybe we had a blackout on the darknet whoch caused