Bitcoin | Steem - What will be the future of these currencies?

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Since the blockchain technology launched, probably in january 2009 with the bitcoin (the first cryptocurrency in the world) we have seen the direction of world has been changed.


You might know this before that when humans were created , they used barter system to survive on earth. Actually barter system is give one thing and get something policy. After few centuries when humans thought they are stable now on the earth they started to think about better system which should replace barter system. Then it comes to gold, as well all know gold is not common in the world so currencies system came into play where a piece of paper is considered to equal to some amount.
Till now we are using this currency system but now this seems to change with the digital data system where now money will be stored in numbers . Big example of this system is bitcoin.

New Era

After the successful launch of bitcoin now there of thousands of currencies on the internet which are replacing the concept of western union, credit card , debit card and things like that. Digital currencies are easy to use, understand and transfer from one point to other without the difficulties to international rules. Bitcoin is decentralized currency, means there are no person or company controlling this and it is safe than ever. Actually the concept used behind bitcoin which is blockchain technology is safe not bitcoin it self. So currencies which are using blockchain technology are safe and not editable.

Surely the world is on the edge of revolution in money transfer or buy sell system.
There are some people who call bitcoin a 'bubble' because its value increases or decreases in minutes. This is because it is completed based on the demand and supply system. When its demand rise up the value of bitcoin also rise up.
But hopefully the more common it will be the more stability will come to its value.
So first thing I would always recommend you to first understand the technology behind blockchain. Search in google and youtube 'what is blockchain'. If you don't understand the technology of blockchain you can't say anything about it. If you want to earn from digital currencies you must have to learn the working of this technology.
I hope after reading this article you have acknowledged the importance of the digital currencies.

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I would like to see more platforms built on steem

very informative, keep it up!


thanks for your appreciaton

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Nice article... We would be keep on waiting for revolutionary future of all cryptocurrencies ..hoping for the best..@ahsan047


Thanks for compliment! Yes I can see the world's direction changing. #courtesy : IT

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