how to be a youtuber...??

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Here are my top 5 tips for becoming a YouTube Star:

1- ACTUALLY MAKE A VIDEO: People often say " I want to start a channel but I’m too scared to upload a video", to which my response is "You miss 100 per cent of the shots you never take". You can’t expect to grow an audience if they have nothing to watch.

2- DO IT FOR FUN: Don’t try too hard to impress, it will shine through. Make videos that you enjoy making about whatever you want to make them about. If you’re not having fun, everyone will know.

3- ‘BE YOURSELF’: I usually hate saying ‘be yourself’, because what is ‘yourself’? ‘Myself’ changes regularly depending on a multitude of variables, but that is precisely the point. Don’t pigeon hole yourself into being any one thing. Having a YouTube channel gives you the freedom to tackle any subject in anyway. Go for it!

4- DEDICATION: Once your audience starts to grow, they commit to you and they except that commitment to be reciprocated. Make videos regularly and stay in touch with your viewers via social media.

5- BE PATIENT: Lots of people make two videos that get 20 views, realise that this isn’t going to happen over night and give up. If you want this to become something bigger, you have to work hard and not rush it. Let it grow organically, take your time and remember, at some point we’ve all had to do our first video…download.jpg

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As a youtuber, these have got to be the foundation, good post man.