PalmPay Ambassadors - Report for July 27, 2018

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Cash, Card, or Crypto?

PalmPay enables any business to accept one or more Cryptocurrencies at Zero Cost.


Accepting Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Steem, Dash, Bitshares...) and market-pegged Smartcoins (bitUSD, bitEUR, bitRUBLE, bitCNY...) at your business has never been easier thanks to the growing network of PalmPay Ambassadors.


Open your doors to International customers!

They just Scan, Send, and Go.. - It's faster and safer than cash.

To learn more about Crypto, or to start accepting Crypto at your business, be sure to contact your local PalmPay Ambassador for free, on-site, setup and support:


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BTS in Sochi 😎

  ·  last year (edited)

This is groundbreaking stuff. Bitshares will benefit greatly, thanks to Ken and his talented devs!!!

Excellent payment system! I advise everyone!

Thank you for the comment, we are working hard to decentralize it even further, and add more coins and features every week :)

This is getting exciting!! :)

I see that you are in Brazil. I will look for them.

Yes, there are 2 PalmPay Ambassadors there, in Copacabana and Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro. You can ping them on Telegram :)

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Hi... How can I become an Ambassador too to spread this product in my region?

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