ICOVO - Help People Eliminate Skepticism about ICOs

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Nowadays, not a few people have entered the cryptocurrency world, whether to get fast profits or for investment, we all know that cryptocurrency is currently developing, even in all countries. and also, We all know that if a project is in the ICO period, the price on the coin will be very cheap, but, not a few people buy it in large quantities. What do people look for by following the ICO? then, are all ICOs safe?

ICOVO was present as the first platform pioneer can actualize healthy ICOs. On January 2018, it was advocated by Ethereum's co-founder, Vitalik Buterin, while the core of the service was a DAICOVO smart contract based on the DAICO concept, ICOVO will solve fraud and decrease in project motivation, through the decentralized approach of DAICO.

Image Source: https://icovo.co/

It is not easy to make a healthy and quality ICO, and it really requires costs that also start from taking care of the web and others, and, ICOVO will develop and open source DAICOVO, which is in line with the thoughts at DAICO and with the mission of having all ICOs using DAICO. ICO project founders who use DAICOVO to do their ICO can get free access on ICOVO Web, all of the required work, token design, DAICOVO parameter setting, compilation, and deployment.

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At the moment we know that there are many wallets available in the cryptocurrency world, however, are they safe to use? moreover, there are your assets in it, then if the wallet can't make direct decentralized exchanges, we need more money for fee.
Nishimura CTO has also developed an ICOVO secure wallet and can also store other ERC-20 tokens, also used by Tachyon.
With this, the project founder does not need to develop it anymore, because the ICOVO App is a solution for investors and also projects. ICOVO App users are also very easy because they can trade the tokens they have on DEX or (Decentralized Exchange).

Image Source: https://icovo.co/

Some projects have taken quick profits from investors or tricked them, they are as if making an ICO period to convince investors that this project really exists, but after investors give money, they run away, even fraudsters use other people's identities. With ICOVO, Project founders can register their projects at ICOVO Web, so investors no longer need to be afraid to follow the ICO that is running, because they are really protected by ICOVO. KYC / AML is also very needed and is a criterion for listing. And, IPFS and Blockchain will managing ICO projects listed on ICOVO Web.

Startup associated with blockchain, ICO and ICOVO are here to support a healthy ICO where ICOVO Web will offer ICOVO App and DAICOVO in the future.

These are the three ICOVO points:

  • Increase ICO Transparency and Protect Investors
    (This is very much needed in the cryptocurrency world, not a few of us lose money due to unhealthy ICOs.)

  • Reduce Barriers for ICO Participation
    (People are starting to be skeptical because they lose money, and think the same event will happen again.)

  • Increase Project Durability
    (The project will be optimistic and survive.)

Image Source: https://icovo.co/

Decentralized Token Management

An original smart contract incorporating DAICO’s fundamental idea that addresses the DAIC's on decentralized token management will be made by ICOVO, that is DAICOVO.

To prevent developer's from running off with raised funds, ICOVO will also introduce the system in accordance with the capital request from Java pre-loading the project through the Tap system.

Temporary investors can withdraw investment if something happens or the developer is running.

Image Source: https://icovo.co/


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