42.5 ct, 150 years old piece of IMPERIAL TOPAZ exchangeable with BTC, ETH, BCH and LTC

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Hey guys, I'm pretty excited about this post. What you see in pictures below is a huge piece of imperial topaz that's aged about 150 years!


It's quite exciting for me because the gem is one of my friend's belongings and inherited to him from his grand grandma. It worth about $5000 and it's been about 6 months that he has put it on sale. Last night, I could convince him to put it on sale in exchange with cryptocurrency as well. So I photographed it to show its dimensions and weight and post it here to get a feedback and see if I can sell it.


Measures are clearly shown in "cm" with the verniers but the weights are a bit pale due to low battery but still visible. First weight unit is "ct", second is "oz" and the third is "g".

IMG_0943 (2).jpgIMG_0944.jpgIMG_0961.jpgIMG_0960.jpgIMG_0962.jpg

I'm getting a 10% commission of the total price. But if you know someone who's interested contact me and get yourself a 5% cut of my total commission, if we closed a deal off course.

So, if you're interested you're welcome to buy it :D and if not, just drop this post a comment about how you feel about buying or selling a valuable gem stone on Steemit.

Love you all.


@joythewanderer I really appreciate your attention! I'm quite new to both steemit and blogging :D friends like you are helping us and the platform grow faster.