ADSactly Tech News: Are Privacy Coins the Future of Crypto?

in bitcoin •  11 months ago

ADSactly Tech News: Are Privacy Coins the Future of Crypto?

A few years ago, not many people had heard about Bitcoin or seemed to have any idea about what it was. I remember hearing about it myself and I even looked into buying it before it had received much attention.

After researching what it was, how to buy it and how to store it I was a bit put off. I mean come on, I was required to keep a long string of code which was essentially a password and ownership key while trusting that this digital store of value would simply exist and remain in the cloud was a bit too much to accept at the time. Big mistake!

In 2017 cryptocurrencies received some major attention in the form of mass media coverage and corporate adoption and although many people may not know this yet but the total market cap grew from under 50 billion to over 500 billion USD in just the scope of a year!

Some are even saying that this may even be the single-greatest year for an asset class that history has ever seen. But what has contributed to the amazing growth of the cryptospace and why have I decided to dedicate this article to exploring a small niche within the larger industry, the importance of privacy cryptocurrencies?

Well in regard to the first part of my question, the rally in virtual currencies can be attributed to two major trends: the adoption of decentralized digital currencies "coins" accepted as a viable store of value and monetary exchange and the overall support of blockchain technology as a new paradigm for money transmittance.

I use some big words here so maybe it would be useful to simplify these thoughts and boil it down a bit more. Basically what I'm saying is that blockchain technology is so appealing because it can be used to create a digital currency that is completely in control of the masses while at the same time eliminating the need for a middleman.

The middleman I'm referring to is an entity like a bank. Many believe banks are the cause of endless wars and suffering and humanity would be much better off without them. This opinion aligns with my own philosophy and is supported by the knowledge I've gained studying modern history.

So now that I've discussed what cryptocurrencies are and why they have gained so much attention in the past few years, it's time to move on to the major focus of this article, privacy coins.

Well, many would argue that all cryptocurrencies should have some degree of privacy. And for the most part cryptocurrencies are designed with security and privacy in mind. For example, the majority of blockchains are decentralized, which means that there no main data center that cybercriminals can break into to hold a cryptocurrency hostage.

The majority of transactions conducted on blockchains are encrypted and they occur almost instantaneously across the globe 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Now, people should know that when it comes to privacy, not all cryptocurrencies are built equally. Privacy coins have been around for a long time, some of the most famous being Monero and Dash (although I'd argue that Dash isn't very private at all after looking into it a bit more).

There are also several other lesser known privacy coins that I'd like to make people aware of in this article. People are starting to catch on that privacy is going to be very important in this new and emerging futuristic world driven by cryptocurrency transactions. Crypto is for the most part in direct competition with the currencies created by governments around the world.

Recently, a major celebrity in the cryptospace, MGT Investment's CEO John McAfee, the man who founded the company that created McAfee antivirus software in the 1980s and 1990s, has become a major supporter of privacy coins.

The privacy-coin trend takes the idea of bitcoin one step further in the sense that virtual coins can not just be the primary means of buying goods and services, but they also can provide anonymity and privacy in the way they handle transactions.

One of the bigger misconceptions associated with bitcoin is that its transactions are completely anonymous. While it's true that you can transact with bitcoin without having to provide your Social Security number or bank account, there's still data on the digital ledger that could potentially be linked back to you.

For instance, the Internal Revenue Service recently won a court case against cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase requiring it to hand over information on more than 14,300 users who'd exchanged more than $20,000 worth of bitcoin between 2013 and 2015. While the move was made so the IRS could possibly go after capital-gain tax evaders, the bigger theme here is that these transactions aren't as anonymous as they appear.

So, what can be learned from this situation is that Bitcoin is not a private currency and if you are in the business of handling cryptocurrencies, be aware that governments not only have the desire to monitor your activities but they have the ability to follow them to a certain extent.

Privacy coins are the evolution of the movement bitcoin helped create. They are developed to do what Bitcoin does while protecting your financial information from going public.

However, this article would be biased if I didn't also point out that privacy coins also represent a desirable financial instrument for cybercriminals to conduct their nefarious activities. This may be true but privacy-coin advocates are quick to point out that the number of illegitimate users is very small, and the benefits they present to legitimate users are nothing short of incredible.

Now, lets talk about specific privacy coins so you can get a basic understanding of the current playing field. The most popular privacy coin is Monero. Its gained a lot of traction and is currently the 11th-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, at nearly $5 billion.

Monero runs an open-sourced protocol known as CryptoNote, which is its primary source of anonymity. Most cryptocurrencies use an unchanging signature when verifying transactions, whereas Monero's CryptoNote uses ring signatures, which is similar to a joint bank account with multiple signers, but with the actual signer remaining unknown.

Monero is a solid privacy coin with a lot of room to grow in terms of market cap in my opinion. If governments start to crack down on cryptocurrencies, expect a lot of people to run to high ground. Expect them to trade up for Monero.

Another extremely popular privacy coin is Verge. I've known about this coin for quite some time and to be honest, like many others I wish I practiced the ancient art of HODL with this one but enough with the regrets...

Verge is possibly the best-performing cryptocurrency in the entire space. Between Dec. 31, 2016 and Dec. 23, 2017, Verge's coin (XVG) increased in value by more than 1,500,000%! This number still completely shocks and amazes me, doesn't everybody wish they were the lucky guy or gal that put 10,000 USD on this in Dec. of 2016 and simply forgotten about it?

Verge's secret sauce is that it relies on Tor and I2P networks in order to make IP addresses untraceable. Further, its Simple Payment Verification technology ensures transaction settlement in around five seconds, which is far and away better than many of its peers. With a number of secure mobile wallets already being offered, including the Tor Android Wallet, it's clearly a name (and coin) that's making a lot of noise.

I've looked into the technology behind Verge (XVG) and it is nothing short of amazing. Although they have a small development team they really know their stuff! I'd also imagine their development team has grown exponentially with their price so I'd expect this coin to be around for a very long time!

A few other privacy coins that are definitely worthy of mention include Dash, PIVX, Hush, Zcash, and Xios. All of these are worth loading up on as the possibility of government crackdowns on cryptocurrencies is very possible to say the least.

Now it seems prudent to mention the fact that even though the popularity of cryptocurrencies has increased exponentially over the last year along with their prices, it is a new and emerging market that presents a very high level of risk and volatility to investors.

This market faces many threats which include but are not limited to government regulations restricting or even banning cryptocurrencies, market manipulation by media and large corporations and many other threats I've yet to speak of or even imagine.

As a writer with @adsactly I'm in a unique position to earn cryptocurrency as a form of payment for my work which allows me to invest in cryptocurrencies without investing outside money.

Most of my crypto portfolio was from investment made in Steem and SBD that I've earned right here on Steemit blogging about different topics. The thing I love most about this platform is its community. Anybody can be successful here if they work hard enough at it!

We are at the beginning of an amazing new age of digital currencies and we have the ability to mine them right here on Steemit through the creation and publication of quality content!

Blog on @adsactly subscribers!

Please leave your thoughts and feedback below!

Thanks for reading.

Authored by: @techblogger

In-text citations source: Meet the Newest Cryptocurrency Trend: Privacy Coins - The Motley Fool

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I hope the people start to realise how much a government has control over the individual. We used to be in a cash based society, now it's all electronical digits, wich are owned by a bank. And you have to show all your information to a taxation system.

But don't get me wrong. It's not that I am against a tax system. But the Taxation system has gotten out of hand. Tax Authorities figure out at every angle, every aspect of our lives to scoop up a little profit from the individual.

Privacy is a human right in my opion and it should be cherished. I think privacy coins will be very important in the near future, or atleast coins where you can choose to have a privacy option like Dash.

Certain companies should function on a transparent basis. Whereas the individual can transact in a private way. You could be easily exploited or hacked as an individual. Like city halls who use the money of the people living in the area should be fully transparent in their spending. As it is not their money they're spending.

God this comment has gotten out of hand!

Really enjoyed the post have a great day!


Welcome to the matrix. I'd say that people have seen this coming since the 60s and 70s when they saw corporations steadily clawing more and more power. We can argue that taxes are needed to a certain extent to pay for socialized investments. Schools, roads, security and places of relaxation and recreation are all funded through taxes. I do however think that mainstreet gets an unfair shake while the uber wealthy use every loophole in the book to avoid their fair share. Social costs are thrust upon the middle and lower middle class while the rich blame everyone except themselves for the lack of a more fair and equitable society. This article focused on the need for privacy centric tokens to exist because at the end of the day the haves are more concerned with the have-nots staying in their place than actually having more themselves. Crypto represents a huge shift in the possibility of those with less having more and that scares governments and the elite. They want the control, they thrive because of it and if they feel you are gaining more, they simply won't accept it.

Grab a big bag of privacy coins, things are going to heat up in crypto!


exactly ... you are right


i am against the tax system tough. Even if we say there is a decent motivation behind the idea of taxes, economically it is still a waist of money at best. Services from the state can only satisfy subordinate needs in contrary to a free market.


Try to imagine services without taxes. Will be something like in XVII Medieval Europe – you can be murdered for no reason. Just because. That's why tax is important. Also, giving back is a good feeling. And only after that, you will get your lamborghini


I can imagine a lot of good services without taxes, better and cheaper education, medical care, security more self responsibility... If we pay directly for services in a free decentralized market there is competition between service providers where the best service & price will win. i can "give back" without paying taxes even with a better feeling and in aw more efficient manner. paying taxes has nothing to do with being social or solidarity because you are not doing by your own free will but because the state forces you. Getting robbed is no good feeling, perhaps for masochist... You think taxes are not robbery? try and go ahead and don't pay your taxes, the state will kidnap you and put you in prison if you resist the state will use violence as long until you give up or until you are dead. pretty much like in Medieval Europe where people had to pay much taxes to the aristocrats. A major reason for the french revolution or 30 years of farmer wars. While kings and aristocrats lived from the work and productivity of the people, people themselves were starving and dying. The first documentations of demands for human rights in our history were during that period. No offense but your argument is 180 degree opposed to reality. Social peace comes from early trades between humans, where people learned that social cooperation is better than killing and ripping each other of,the state wasn't envolved in that process

An interesting post - when I began reading it I said to myself - "how comes no one developed a TOR based cryptosystem?! Then I read about verge :)
It is really alluring - a coin that is completely private using a technology that has reputation and is battle hardened.

I do have wonders about the criminals using privacy coins. It's really great to have privacy for legitimate reasons but a solution should be found to try to eliminate or at least decrease the amount of criminal actions done with crypto, preferably it should be a decentralized method of some kind. We can't ignore this aspect as we all have collective part in the crypto system.

I would also like to point that TOR is not necessarily fully, totally secured, there were cases that should make us extra careful, read here if you want to dig deeper:

Overall - privacy coins are great! We just need to be aware of the moral problems and the risks that still do exist and stay careful even when we use a secret coin.

Thanks for an interesting article! I learned a lot!


"how comes no one developed a TOR based cryptosystem?!

well there it is the deponion coin

I also see great possibility in the privacy coin space. Regulation and restrictions are starting to rear their ugly heads with the goal of either restricting in the name of fear ( Venezuela , South Korea) or clamping down quite possibly to artificially manipulate the market and create opportunities ( China, India ). As the clamps are affixed to the crypto system there will be a major push towards anonymity and decentralized trading platforms ( OX etc. ) to gain back control for the masses. Net neutrality itself might be a harbinger of regulation in the US if it is removed by the FCC. Great article, great insight and fun reading! Keep Steeming!!! Cheers, Alex

God bless you

They could be the future of crypto currencies but privacy coins could twice as likely be the downfall of crypto currencies.

The problem with privacy coins is it's tendency to be used for illegal or criminal activities, I know most people see this as a necessary evil when it comes to crypto currencies.

let's remember if the illegal uses of these coins outweigh the positives then crypto currencies in general will make more enemies

I think they are. A lot of people came to me and said they don't feel comfortable with the public knowledge about them in blockchain,


Yes, but do you really think governments will allow privacy blockchains without harassment? They will do everything in their power to block them, spam them, shut them down, and persecute mercilessly anyone who uses them.


I agree privacy coins will have harder test from government. Anti terrorism sentiment will help push their agenda even more.

Thanks for the post about digital coins.

Completely agree. If there was a class for crypto newbies, this post would be mandatory reading......decentralized + privacy!!!

I think privacy will be an important issue and become more important. Finally this will be solved in BTC too, but till that time privacy coins may rocket.


If they can pull this off kiss main street goodby.


why do you think this will be solved in BTC? what was the last issue that BTC actually solved? how long ago? BTC has become stagnant and will eventually die due to poor governance


It's a good idea to load up on your favorite privacy coins on red days like today. They will play an increasingly more important role in the days to come. That's where my research led me on this article anyways... Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment!


The typical control mania behaviour of the authoritarian governments disguised as democracies will make privacy cryptos everyday more relevant.


POST for Thanks Bro

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Please look into ZenCash. They have an excellent team and noble mission. I was surprised to not see it mentioned in your excellent post. Thank you!


ZENCASH is very slept on! I read the whitepaper and REALLY liked what they had going on. I hear they are going to rebrand! I CAN'T wait for ZEN's future!


I must have missed that one! I'll have a deeper look into ZenCash!


IMO it's HIGHLY underrated.

They’re not the future, but a solid step on the way to achieving a great one.


I think I can clarify this... They certainly won't be the whole future as the mainstream will need a solution as well but privacy coins will certainly be a part of it as that's what I believe you tried to say above right?




Why aren't they the future?

2018 will be the year of the privacy coin! PIVX is my personal favorite! Also SmartCash looks very promising!


PIVX is a good choice. I have a friend that runs a masternode and he swears by it!

Thanks alot for the information.this governments shld get of our backs and let people live their lives

Hola amigo bienvenido ah esta maravillosa cumidad espero que sea de mucho éxitos para ti y aprendas cosas nueva tres salida yoelvis11


However, this article would be biased if I didn't also point out that privacy coins also represent a desirable financial instrument for cybercriminals to conduct their nefarious activities.

True, but criminals always seem to find the best new way to do their dealings and then only everyone else catches on the trend. In fact, the first ever trade made online was a drug trade, I wrote about it a while ago:

We can't blame privacy coins or ban them just because of criminals, we need to embrace it and perfect it, remember that bitcoin was also adopted by the criminal world. The technology is out there and criminals would always have it as an option.
Fantastic post as always @techblogger


Nice contribution! In regard to privacy coins we'll have to take the good with the bad eh?


@lets-tech I agree with you as well. Historically speaking, criminals have ALWAYS been part of the "early adopters" group for new technologies. They NEED innovative ways to evade the law.

Again, like you said, if we ban things that criminals use, we might as well ban EVERYTHING. Criminals use homes. Criminals sleep in beds. Criminals have bank accounts. Criminals get on planes. Should we ban those too?


I hear what you're saying in regards to criminals using cryptocurrencies, and not to be negative, but at the same time, criminals are using standard currencies now, they just incur some difficulties. My point is criminals will always find a way to do what they do.

Congrats bitcoin people. You have Goldman on your side now, so you know it's legit.

I think privacy is the most basic right!

@techblogger thanks for the breakdown on the merits of using privacy coins,only privacy coin i use is Dash coin and like you said it is not as private as monero,verge and the rest of the coins in the cryptospace.I will start transfering portions of my crypto-portfolio to privacy coins both from the prying eyes of the government and for a more secure transaction.Which privacy coin would you recommend i start off with? thank you


I've been hearing good things about Zen and this new Bitcoin Private coin that will be released soon. XVG and PIVX are also good choices I believe for diversification.

When we interviewed John McAfee over at Crypto Coin Trader he mentioned Privacy coins were going to be huge in 2018. XMR, ZEC, XVG, SUMO etc. Look at the upcoming fork from ZCL, Bitcoin Private.. that should be interesting as well. 2018 is going to be an interesting year to say the least! Followed! -Zach


Good picks here, I'll upvote this to get these coins some exposure. I'm going to look into ZEC and SUMO more closely.

You didn't mention Enigma (ENG) which add in a great off-chain network option. So depending on whether it is ETH or any other crypto which takes off, privacy can be added on top of this layer. Very very exciting project and a great team with MIT creds.


Yes, good point here. I'm currently in the process of thoroughly researching ENG and I expect our resident ADSactly crypto writer will do a writeup soon focused solely on ENG as there's a lot of excitement and hype around it.

Future of Crypto will be in lack of privacy.

they can also ensure anonymity and confidentiality in the way they handle transactions, but they also create work for unemployed people, freelancers, I love your article and I vote for you, I'm a new member


That's what's so amazing about this space. It's literally given people thousands of jobs! I mean, look, we're here on Steemit blogging and commenting. WE GET REWARDED FOR THIS.

In my opinion many more people can earn well from the crypto space as long as they remember do not overdo their budget so as to put undue pressure on themselves then they are more in a position to hold without desperately needing the money back too quickly . Also thank you for giving us a summary of what you see as the some of the best climbers in value in the last 12 months along with your valid reasons why .


Good strategy! There's risk involved in everything, the key is never overload yourself with risk that you can't get out of or afford to lose.

What about Cardano or Ripple? Weren't they also popular choices? I hold a wide portfolio but I still thought that Verge had more to do to get the appropriate trust it needs to boost past 10$. And the McAfee business worked in it's detriment. I guess we will live to see in the future.


The wolves are watching the herd from the trees, plotting to stampede the herd into their coin of choice.


They are both popular choices but neither are 'privacy' coins. I don't see XVG hitting $10 anytime soon or ever for that matter because of the number of tokens. It does however have a very competent dev that I wish the best to!


Privacy will absolutely play a role in crypto going forward. I'm thinking more from the corporate side. Corporations really like to keep their actions secret, in order to hide their actions from the competition. A well designed privacy coin allows this to happen.

very good ... very interesting post, I like her .... hehehe...

Monero is an excellent option for long-term investment, as in the near future it is possible that the Big Brother wishes to intervene in your crypto-investment. People will definitely transfer their capital to Monero, because it meets all the categories of security that are necessary to protect their data.
This variant of events is possible only because the demand for the crypto currency is only growing and it will continue to grow ... but for the state it is not profitable.
Thank you, to become informative

Prviate coins seem to be getting a bit of press at the moment about being adopted by criminals instead of bitcoin, although I'm sure there is a ton of click-bait sensationalism there. Do you think that will make it harder for them to take the place of the current leading players?

well it is good to talk on privacy coins and also i agree on verge maybe we missed that chance to buy verge in 2016 but i think we would not miss this chance to buy now this time for some long time hold and sure it will get us a good profit
also the monero is a more attractive coin and the good and different thing in monero is that we can mine it on our small computers just with a small click @adsactily sir


So glad I'm long squid. Waiting for them to introduce crypto-squid, then watch out!

Amazing post.Thanks for sharing your valuable concept.
Carry on my friend
Upvoted and resteemed

Crypto currency is truely the future, I believe the system is worth banking on.

At first, bitcoin scared me. I thought it was a bad investment. but I decided the world of your future and made a small investment. why we have not invested more. I slap myself

Thanks for posting this. I have been looking at Zcoin as well. I was just wondering what is your take on it? Upvoted and followed!

yes i think they are the future..
everything related to crypto is the future and have a billions worth..

Helpful post.
Thanks for update news.
Carry-on. We are with u.

thank you very much for your info.

Hello , I like you blog.Upvote and Follow you ! You are invited to my blog

Bitcoin has become expensive for newcomers,so i believe, Etherium, Litecoin and yes Dash and monero are great buy ins right now, the red only means, jump into these few mentioned and wait, the profit will come.

Privacy coins will be big in this year. The whole crypto idea is about privacy. So coins like monero and verge will go up. And others like them will follow. thanks for your post @adsactly

I love your writing ..Thanks for sharing it.

well, they are anonymous, but when you need to convert in fiat money, it is impossible to keep anonymous.
I personally bought some Verge (xvg ) some time ago, let's see..

Bitcoin and other crypto money become more common every day with the awareness of people. However, managers at financial institutions continue to find negative disclosures because of the bottleneck that Bitcoin will have with their strengths. However, as far as criticism is concerned, Blockchain technology is so good that no explanation could prevent the rise of crypto money.

The scale and potential of Blockchain technology is literally unlimited. This is proof of all the big and small problems that ICOs try to solve using Blockchain. @adsacyly

this is a emportent post i like your post dear adsactly

your post is good friend, I love it, do not forget to upvote my blog once yes

The rise and rise of crypto currencies in year 2017 alone, especially bitcoin, was very phenomenal, it took the entire world by surprise. Same way, new private coins are coming up mostly unnoticed, for me I think these new coins are the future of Cryptos.

Itu adalah inovasi, dan saya mendukung

Thanks, for nice post .

This article is really detailed and informative,thanks for taking out time to post,it most have been a great deal and indeed it has increased my knowledge and understanding

Very nice and helpful post this is.

Privacy are the way. awesome post.

Amazing posting!!
Thanks for the important info..

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Here we go! There haven't been better time to launch and run cryptocurrency than in 2017. Talking about the biggest potential we rather focus on financial services. Blockchain make quite a revolution in financial sector and I believe it will cause THE CHANGE we are looking for.

This change will not get around privacy concerns. On of the deepest problems of probably all technological innovation that are connected with social engagement.

That's is why today I want you to introduce Verge, the cryptocurrency that main focus is on privacy and anonymity in financial transaction. We already have some solution on the market, but the truth is that Verge solution is much more better. Moreover the solution that has been introduced to you as a anonymous cryptocurrency is not truly anonymous a privacy is not fulfill as you would expected.

Privacy coins? Well that will be something else. I wonder what will become of fiat money. Yesterday I asked why is it that there are so many cryptocurrencies springing up and their sustainability. Well we the novices are simply spectating while you the profs are dishing out the latests. Thanks though.

Privacy definitely have its pros and cons. We'll see which will dominate more with the public on the coming weeks, months or even years.

Privacy coins? Well that will be something else. I wonder what will become of fiat money. Yesterday I asked why is it that there are so many cryptocurrencies springing up and their sustainability. Well we the novices are simply spectating while you the profs are dishing out the latests. Thanks though.

thanks for sharing us your inportent information.....

Well privacy has always been an issue lets home the steem survives

yes these coin will be future coin

I support you until the end very nice post @adsactly

verge is solid coin so i hope that she goes up to sky

You are right about cryptocurrency gaining a lot of attention in 2017,I remember hearing a lot about crypto and bitcoin and o basically shut the throught down because I wasn't aware of its advantages but one thing is definely sure the future for crytocurrency of different kinds promising ,you just have to be aware about this particular one you choose to invest.great post by the way!

wonderful shares I voted for you👍🏻You can look at the profile☺️

One of the best options if you are looking for privacy is monero, here there really is a commitment from the beginning to provide what bitcoin promised in principle, of course there are other options to monero but I prefer it.

But now that bitcoin is essentially split it kind of worries me that things will crash out more than wanted. Anyways hoping for the best.

Totally agree. I liked how you talked about the bank and Privacy Coins like Monero. I'll definitely look into it more and stay consistent with my blogging and curation. Thanks.

As I would see it numerous more individuals can procure well from the crypto space as long as they recollect don't overcompensate their spending in order to put undue weight on themselves then they are more in a position to hold without urgently requiring the cash back too rapidly .

Amazing post....
I really love it...😊😊

Never a better time to pitch one more #conspiracytheory

The NSA has built backdoors into these off the grid crytocurrencies because to find out what's really going on and who's behind it you FOLLOW the MONEY

All these developers are on their radar.
A message will be got to them that 'normal life' will end when ceasless IRS FBI and Homeland Security investigations start unless . . .

Naturally with great expectations for the future and a cannabis habit. Or perhaps a young family to raise. Or ruinous alimony payments to make they understand when they are asked to conceal Uncle Sam's ear in the wall to 'protect and serve' America, what the true meaning of 'patriotism' is

For sure they are!
Good news!
I'm trying to develop a game with bitcoin/hacking theme by myself. If you like, have a look at:

very nice and very informative post. i followed you because u always share valuable content,keep sharing such posts.very good, I am happy to share kind your important imformation.
By regular read your post i known more about steemit imformatio..
Go ahead
many thanks to you this like shareing,
Cool to see posts like this that support our content creators. Amazing to see how much traction this one gained!
Follow me @mustafarazy

thanks for you post. i liked.

those who want to vote and follow,Profile may come☺️

they are not exactly future but we trust in crypto @adsactly

i get lot of information on this post...thanks

I'm glad this article focuses on the positive aspects of privacy coins rather than only highlighting how they can be used for money laundering/etc. Completely in agreement that privacy coins will be the future. Hope that we're right lol

I think XVG will raise a lot in this next year, since it's so undervalued! I can picture many early investors becoming rich thanks to it in the upcoming months!

Yeah, you are correct the future belongs to Verge (XVG).

this post amazing..thanks for sharing this post..

Güzel çalışma tebrikler 😌

The are not the future. Jamie Dimon says people who buy bitcoin are 'stupid' - I don't agree with him because getting cryptocurrency is the best step towards achieving wealth.

Excellent article! I am wondering which will be the cryptocurrency that will completely replace cash, in the sense of the saying "cash is king"? It has to be the most anonymous and liquid one. Like cash in hand. This article tackles this question and it is why privacy crypto will be KING!

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I've been thinking about this for awhile now. I feel like Cryptocurrencies, like any tool, can be used to your betterment, and used to your demise. I prefer to remain anonymous in my dealings, especially in light of new tax codes making all crypto trades a taxable event even if I do not convert to fiat.

The privacy cryptos are certainly the group to watch. Should be interesting to see which tech prevails in the coming years. Wish I knew about it a year ago too! Thanks for the post.

Thoughts on my first post?

thanks for reading and thanks for the great content

In my opinion people should pay attention to the most popular coins on dark web markets. I have no problem with online drug sales personally

How about SmartCash it was marketed as privacy coin too.

This is a very informative post