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By buying bitcoin when the price is cheap and then selling it when the price is expensive, it will certainly make you get money like that, but this is not easy as we think. Purchasing crypto is able to risk big money for you, because there is no predictable prediction for cryptic coin market, there are even some bitcoin mining companies that have professional analysis and advanced technology that are not always correct with the results of their analysis.

Investing in Bitcoin is not the same as you are investing in a company in the real world. When you invest in a crypto market, the most important bitcoin price movements must be monitored.


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Looking for the right time to invest in bitcoin you can never do, because professional analysis does not know exactly where the direction of bitcoin moves, this uncertainty problem makes you confused to determine the right time, with such things if you invest in bitcoin you have to careful way, you have to save money with your expenses and not to exceed your income limit, the best way to invest in bitcoin is money that you don't use for your basic needs, because if it happens a drop doesn't make you suffer and run out of money. This investment is very high risk because if we are lucky to get it too high without having to work.


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The history of bitcoin you must understand before you invest in bitcoin. Bitcoin after the creation of Peetama began to grow at a price of $ 0.001 and after that the price exploded in June 2011, which was $ 31.50. After that, bitcoin plummeted again at a price of $ 11, when this incident the bitcoin party certainly had a problem and they had to do something to get up. But the price of bitcoin was destroyed in the following month at a price of $ 7.80 to $ 4.77, and in the end bitcoin has reached a price of $ 19,000, and now bitcoin is back down to the price of $ 3,700. Various kinds of bitcoin market prices as long as they are there, then this is what you have to consider if you really want to invest in bitcoin, because bitcoin is a virtual currency that has no certainty. If you want to enter the world of cryptocurrency, you should first strengthen yourself to reject the market price that might be destroyed suddenly.

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whats ur prediction for bitcoin and the current move up?
please take a look at my recent post and tell me what you mean.
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