Lufthansa partners with Winding Tree

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Lufthansa, the first European airline in terms of passengers transported, announced a partnership with the startup Switzerland Winding Tree to propel the aviation industry into the era of the blockchain.

The Lufthansa group yesterday announced its participation in the development of a platform for air travel. There is a simplified system for reservations, reclassifications or passenger itineraries.

A contract was signed with the Swiss startup centered on the Winding Tree blockchain. Winding Tree is a business to enterprise market, decentralized and based on the Blockchain Ethereum.

"The Lufthansa Group is committed to developing user interfaces [...] to provide direct access to customers and business partners. [...] By integrating these APIs into the Winding Tree public blockchain, Lufthansa enables all innovative partners, who develop cutting-edge travel applications, to access its offerings via a decentralized, non-brokered travel market. "Markus Binkert, Lufthansa Group's Vice President of Distribution and Economic Management
An ICO that will take off soon

The company Winding Tree is firmly determined to seize a place currently vacant. Indeed, in addition to Lufthansa, the platform is associated with Swiss Airlines, Eurowings, Austrian Airlines and Brussels Airlines.

To finance the costs of setting up a brand new structure for the trip, Winding Tree announced the creation of a token (LIF) and its ICO scheduled for 1 November.

"The LIF will be used for payments and data transfer. Anyone with LIF tokens can book hotels, flights, cruises ... directly on the Blockchain. "Pedro Anderson, co-founder of Winding Tree

However, the amounts invested by companies in the initial offer are not known. But with giants like Lufthansa, one can expect a massive injection of capital.
This ICO - whose goal is to finance the implementation of the API - promises therefore a token to the bright future.

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