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Hi, I'm @ActualAdviceBTC.

You probably found my guide from twitter. This is the new 2017 version and is CURRENTLY A WORK IN PROGRESS. I'm not finished rewriting all of it yet. You are reading the main blog/table of contents/homepage which links to all the other blogs in the guide series.

For better or worse, you've been seduced by all the controversy/hype and want to trade Bitcoin -- one of the most treacherous/manipulated/profitable currency markets (depending on who you ask).

This comprehensive guide series will teach you all you need to start trading cryptocurrencies, guaranteed to turn any cringey question asking noob into a formidable journeyman of the crypto markets. I will tell you exactly where to go, what to do, and which options to pick. Go through the guide posts in order if you're new.

Entering the Market

Do you even have Bitcoins to trade? If not, follow this flowchart to figure out the easiest way to acquire some!

Bitcoin Flow Chart

Opening a Trading Account

You got Bitcoins and you're ready to trade! But where? Which exchange out of the hundreds out there offer the best liquidity, fees, products, security, service, etc.? Fortunately, I have it narrowed down for you guys:


Once you get exchanges figured out, arm yourself to the teeth for that extra edge:


I will add if you in Australia the best place to buy bitcoin is Coinspot - up to $5000 on your credit card after verification, they are the best. Also do instant bank transfers with the best BTC rate.

I will add if you are in Australia the best place to get bitcoin is Coinspot. Trust me I have tried them all. Best rates, credit card buys(up to $5000 per 24hr) and instant bank transfers via POLI

luv it, thanks for the info my friend

This is a good trading guide. I think, covered something similar in the past.

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